It Is Time to Reimagine Risk

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When you think back to the advancements we’ve made in industries such as technology, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing in the last 20 or even 10 years it’s astounding to see how much has changed. Gaps in processes have been identified and companies, equipped with innovative solutions, have risen to the challenge to bridge the divide. We live in a continuous cycle of rethinking, challenging the norm, and reimagining how we do things. But what about risk? Risk isn’t stagnant—regulations and threats are shifting moment to moment—so how can we reimagine how we’re managing, thinking about, and leveraging risk?

At LogicGate, we believe it is time for all of us to reimagine how we approach our risk programs and time for organizations to acknowledge that risk is everyone’s business. When risk is everyone’s business and risk management is proactive versus reactive, it can be turned into a strategic advantage. 

This September 23–24, LogicGate will host its annual Agility conference in Chicago, Illinois where attendees can join virtually or in-person to network, participate in breakout sessions, get inspired by keynote presentations, and gain valuable insight from panel discussions. We will host a mix of sessions about best practices and tips from GRC professionals, share exciting updates on what’s coming in LogicGate’s Risk Cloud platform, and guarantee a great time for all attendees. Learn more about our Agility 2021 conference at and watch our video below to see for yourself. 

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