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As the end of the year and holiday season approaches, we at LogicGate would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all governance, risk, compliance, and security professionals for the work you do that may go unnoticed. Your work is instrumental in helping organizations balance growth while also protecting their business interests. We want to express our gratitude for your many contributions to the health of our organizations. 

From physical protection to network security to data privacy safeguards, there are so many ways you make an impact. Here are a few reasons why we’re grateful for all that you do: 

  • You help set up clear, consistent frameworks for decision-making that allows teams to make the call whether to accept opportunities or steer clear of risk. Your hard work helps us make the tough decisions so we can proactively manage risk.
  • You look around corners and anticipate the many industry, technology, and regulatory changes happening everyday. Your vision helps us to capture opportunities and avoid pitfalls that we may not have foreseen. 
  • You work to align risk management and measurement across the organizations you work for. Your efforts to balance growth while protecting the organization’s business interests helps us make better risk-informed decisions. 
  • You stay current on the many rules and regulations our organizations operate under. Your diligence in ensuring regulatory compliance helps us avoid financial penalties, reputational risk, and the wrong kind of headlines.  
  • You help maintain a culture of informed risk-taking. Your support ensures the business consistently measures risk and makes decisions consistent with your mission and objectives.
  • You ensure our favorite retailers are PCI compliant and keep our personal financial credit card data safe so we can shop online without worrying our financial information will be stolen or our card data breached. 
  • Your thoughtful design of risk controls and processes helped employees and operations pivot quickly and continue safely through this COVID pandemic. 

We’re thankful to GRC and security professionals for being vigilant and working to protect us from operational risks and security threats as well as helping us stay safe and compliant with regulations. Your work too often goes unnoticed. We appreciate the tireless efforts you put in to protect our organizations. And that’s not all! Our team would like to share a few more reasons why we value the contributions and work that you do.

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