Agility 2022 Recap: A Look at LogicGate’s Milestones and Future Roadmap

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This September saw the return of our third annual conference — Agility 2022 — to both an in-person and virtual audience. We explored what we’ve rolled out this year, what we’re currently working on, our plans for the future, and how efficient GRC management can benefit an entire organization. 

For our highly anticipated Product Showcase, we were excited to share what drives us: making Risk Cloud easier to use and helping our customers keep pace with their rapidly changing business, tech, and regulatory landscapes. Our team took the stage to showcase the platform's latest feature and functionality enhancements and reveal what's coming next. 

Some of our 2022 highlights include:

  • Deploying ease-of-use and UI improvements, including change tracking, bulk updates, and even more streamlined reporting capabilities.
  • Enhancing backend functionality and improving automation..
  • Updating our Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Solution, including the ability to grant secure access to external users like vendors and partners, allowing for greater collaboration with third and fourth parties.
  • Launching eight new Risk Cloud Applications to make GRC program management easier than ever. 
  • Releasing new integrations to help keep our customers aware of any regulatory changes that apply to their organization.

We also shared a few sneak peeks into what’s coming next:

  • Risk Cloud Exchange (RCX) enhancements to promote community-driven, purpose-built Applications.
  • Technical Account Manager offering to provide customers with more advisory, enablement, support, and availability. 
  • Expanding Jobs to allow for multiple operations, greatly expanding functionality and usefulness. 
  • Risk Cloud’s new Cyber Risk and Controls Management solution.
  • Additional enhancements, including improved collaboration across teams and third parties, custom date calculations to understand the time it takes to complete work and proactively identify bottlenecks, the ability to bulk update multiple records at one time, and a commitment to accessibility and inclusion within the user experience. 

Keep reading to learn what we have in store to make GRC program management easier and more effective than ever.

LogicGate’s Year in Review

It’s been a successful year at LogicGate. We owe a lot of our success to our customers, the LogicGate team, and to our shared commitment to our  product development priorities:

  • Making things easier for our end users, administrators, CISOs, and directors, and their executive stakeholders
  • Creating a seamless experience for end users
  • Helping our customers keep up with the constant and rapid pace of changing regulations and risk

Make Everything Easier for End Users

To deliver the best experience possible to our customers' end users, we continually push ourselves to optimize and improve platform functionality alongside UX.

We’ve also added secure external user functionality so vendors and partners can work directly within Risk Cloud. Additionally, we’ve deployed in-line editing with Office 365, so it’s easier to update and track changes to essential documents.

Upcoming End User Improvements

To improve the platform experience for end users, we're working on advanced Risk Cloud integrations that work seamlessly with our customer’s tech stacks. With insights from our customer-only community, Risk Crowd, we're constantly improving Risk Cloud to help customers better manage their GRC programs and save time.

Soon, we’ll launch access-level-based home screens that are customized to the end users' specific roles. As a result, they’ll immediately see information relevant to their role upon log in, including items needing attention and important metrics.

Future updates will further improve collaboration among external and internal users. These updates include:

  • Capability to tag other users in comments
  • Easier ways to edit reports
  • Time-based reporting and tracking capabilities

Each of these updates will make Risk Cloud a better solution for end users and improve any organization’s GRC management program.

Make Everything Easier for Admins -- Our Power Users

We understand different user types have different needs. So, we’re giving our customers more tools to work more efficiently and effectively inside Risk Cloud.

We’ve also launched tools to help users make, test, and document changes, improvements, and additions to existing workflows without disrupting daily processes. Users can control how changes are deployed so they can be rolled out in batches or outside working hours. 

New change-management capabilities make it simpler to grow and iterate current solutions, empowering organizations to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory and risk landscape.

Upcoming Platform Improvements

The product team also shared several exciting roadmap items at Agility 2022:

  • Improved Risk Cloud user and permission management with SCIM integration
  • Additional updates to improve reliability and visibility
  • Widespread improvements to the Risk Cloud user experience

New Customer Services

First, we’ll soon launch a Technical Account Manager offering, which is a new role within the org. Technical Account Managers (TAM) will be a dedicated point of contact for the customer starting at the beginning of their contract with a focus on understanding and executing holistic GRC Program goals in Risk Cloud.They will provide technical expertise and leverage best practices to drive efficiency and outcomes with the Risk Cloud platform. Their primary goal is to best support customers with interconnected and complex Applications to help drive successful implementations, adoption and expansion.

Second, new GRC Maturity Workshops will help our customers learn how to mature their GRC programs over time. Risk Cloud is a powerful GRC platform, and these workshops will teach users how to use it to reach that next level of maturity.

Risk Cloud Exchange (RCX) Improvements Enable Customer Growth 

Later this year, Risk Cloud customers may now install draft Applications directly from Risk Crowd Exchange. Customers can select their Application of choice, click Install Now, and explore new use cases on their schedule – all with just a few clicks. 

Accessibility Improvements and Policy Updates

Approximately 15% of the world’s population has some form of disability. We believe anyone with a disability should have access to Risk Cloud, so we’ve launched key accessibility improvements and policy updates so every stakeholder can contribute to their organization’s GRC program.

Our platform must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust for everyone. A few accessibility improvements include:

  • Updated inline notifications to provide clarity when it matters most
  • UI enhancements to make our applications more accessible and user-friendly
  • Clear standards for accessibility to ensure everyone can use our platform equally

Upcoming Improvements to Better Understand Cyber Risks

Identifying, mitigating, and monitoring cyber risks is critical to a comprehensive GRC program. Therefore, we’ll soon launch new purpose-built Applications for our Cyber Risk Management and Controls Compliance solution. 

This suite of Applications allow our customers to address cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and risks, then evaluate the effectiveness of associated controls to prioritize response effectively. These new Applications will be available on November 1, 2022.

Let’s take a closer look at some upcoming cyber risk management improvements:

  • Automated Control Evidence Collection: This new feature enables security teams to visualize, understand, and optimize their cybersecurity posture – and then take action where needed to mitigate risk across their extended enterprise.
  • Quantification Aggregation with Reference Data: Comparative analysis, quantification aggregation, and applicable reference data are essential to understanding an organization's cyber risks. We’re adding these capabilities to Risk Cloud Quantify® to  improve our customers’ risk management programs.

Cyber risks have taken center stage for many organizations' GRC programs. Our upcoming improvements will help customers mitigate and understand these risks to both protect their companies and ensure compliance.

Want to Learn More? Talk to Our GRC Experts Today

The Agility 2022 conference put the spotlight on powerful changes we’ve already deployed and new improvements on the horizon. Our improvements make Risk Cloud more powerful and easier to use than ever, helping our customers stay compliant, manage risks, and mature their GRC programs. Contact us today to speak to a GRC expert to learn more about our recent and near-term updates.

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