LogicGate Live: Financial Risk Remediation

logicgate live: financial risk remediation in July 18, 2024, 10am CT

July 18, 2024, 10am CT

logicgate live: financial risk remediation at On-Demand


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It can be incredibly difficult to understand the real risk vendors pose to your organization. This creates friction when trying to plan for a likely outcome if they were breached, and how to delineate programs that create the most exposure.

Operationalizing information and prioritizing criticality is imperative to your business strategy. Join the LogicGate and Black Kite teams for a conversation on how to understand financial impact across vendor risk and use it to prioritize programs such as cybersecurity, business continuity, disaster recovery, and more.

Register Now to:

  • Learn how to manage financial risk to understand the impact of third parties

  • Hear from experts on how to understand the business disruption or financial impact of a vulnerability

  • Gain tips and best practices for triaging third-party risk and communicating them to the business

About Black Kite:

Black Kite is changing the way companies manage cyber third-party risk. The company provides security and business experts with the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate and operational risk detection and response capabilities. With the Black Kite platform companies can better understand their cyber third-party risk so they can make informed and proactive risk decisions that help avoid business disruption.

About the Black Kite team:

Mike Gall is an accomplished business leader successfully creating and scaling practices in third party cyber risk management, software quality assurance, and digital accessibility.  Mike leads our solution engineering team to connect practitioners, engineers, executives, and thought leaders at the intersection of Cyber Security and Risk Management.

Bob Maley is a seasoned CSO with experience as an information security strategist designing and building information security programs for PayPal Holdings, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and for the healthcare sector. Additionally, be developed a state-of-the-art InfoSec risk management program from the ground up for PayPal, and has expertise in third party security, risk assessment, enterprise security architecture, policy development, and incident response / investigation.

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