PCI Compliance Software

LogicGate’s Software Provides Full Visibility of Your Controls and Standards in One Responsive Toolkit

Managing standards like PCI can be time-consuming and tedious — especially when they're handled via spreadsheets and email. With LogicGate’s platform, you can automate routine compliance activities throughout your organization.

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PCI Compliance Software
PCI Compliance SoftwarePCI Compliance SoftwarePCI Compliance SoftwarePCI Compliance Software


Automate PCI Processes and Track them in Real Time

  • checkCreate linkages between different audit processes, allowing you to perform broad regulatory assessments within one screen.
  • checkAutomate and track audit workflow — including assigning out evidence requests, gathering feedback, and updating in real time.
  • checkAvoid manual collection and integration of results, as well as unnecessary duplication of work

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Consolidate All of your Compliance Procedures into a Single Source of Truth


Consolidate All of your Compliance Procedures into a Single Source of Truth

  • checkPull key assessments into a single view to easily identify gaps in your audit-controls program.
  • checkGenerate comprehensive reports that can be easily handed over to an auditor or executive.
  • checkSimplify your audit processes, particularly if they're spread thin across Excel spreadsheets, emails, and lines of reporting.

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Drive Ownership Throughout the Organization

  • checkFacilitate cross-functional collaboration to complete compliance tasks and activities.
  • checkHelp business users understand their roles by granting them improved visibility into your organization's complex array of compliance requirements.
  • checkLeverage robust reporting to monitor status updates and deadlines, compile evidence of task completion, and keep tabs on progress by department.

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Drive Ownership Throughout the Organization
"The best part about LogicGate is the flexibility it provides fast-paced organizations to implement new processes and adapt as the company continues to change and grow ."

- Head of Risk and Compliance, Software Company

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