Business Continuity Plan Management Application


Why Risk Cloud?

Risk Cloud® is a no-code risk and compliance platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs and regulatory requirements. Plan and track your business continuity procedures in one centralized platform and enable your organization to stay operational in the event of a major disruption or disaster.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Operating environments and environmental conditions have become increasingly volatile. Avoiding disruptions, downtime, and loss requires effective business continuity planning.

Risk Cloud's Business Continuity Planning Application takes inventory of your organization's critical assets and automates your recovery plan so you're prepared to navigate whatever curveball comes next.

Document and Maintain Your Business Continuity Plans

Proactively document your business continuity plans and procedures to stay resilient in the event of a significant disruption or disaster with Risk Cloud’s Business Continuity Plan Management Application. 

You’ll have everything you need to help you:

  • Log significant business disruptions that are currently impacting or may impact your organization
  • Proactively manage business continuity plan training, communication, and updates
  • Identify business functions and systems that will need to be recovered in the event of a disruption, then document associated recovery objectives and priorities
  • Track, analyze, and share the status and results of your business continuity plan evaluations
Document and Maintain Your Business Continuity Plans
View All Business Disruptions in One Place

View All Business Disruptions in One Place

Identify, log, and assess the impact of all significant business disruptions in one centralized repository to improve visibility and resiliency across the organization. Link documented disruptions from this repository to continuity plans, procedures, and events as required.

Keep Your Business Continuity Plans Up-to-Date

Draft business continuity plans and identify  related critical business functions, systems, and significant business disruptions directly inside Risk Cloud. Streamline management of plan review and approval processes so you spend more time preparing for disruptions and less time tracking down documents and sign-offs. Update business continuity plans at any time to ensure they reflect what is required to protect your organization.

Keep Your Business Continuity Plans Up-to-Date

Plan for Disaster Recovery

Capture critical function or system attributes, including location, headcount, recovery objectives, priority, and business impact analysis results with pre-built forms inside the Application. House your findings in a centralized repository for quick access, better visibility, and easy reporting.

Gain Better Visibility Into Plan Effectiveness and Improve Decision-Making

Centralize all of your critical data in one place, then easily share insights with out-of-the-box reporting functionality.  Summarize your organization’s business continuity plans and procedures, track the status and effectiveness of business continuity plan executions, assess critical business functions, and prioritize asset recovery with pre-built table reports, visualizations, and dashboards.

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