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About LogicGate and SCF

Optimize your cybersecurity and privacy compliance program with technology and guidance from Risk Cloud® and the Secure Controls Framework™ (SCF). Our partnership with SCF helps you map cybersecurity and privacy controls from over 100 laws, regulations, and frameworks to help simplify and automate your GRC program from one connected platform.

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Integrated Controls Management Focuses On Being Secure and Compliant

A control is the power to influence, or direct, behaviors and the course of events. That is precisely why the Secure Controls Framework was developed. We want to influence secure practices within organizations so both cybersecurity and privacy principles are designed, implemented, and managed in an efficient and sustainable manner. The SCF is a metaframework – the framework of frameworks.

About SCF

The Secure Controls Framework’s mission is to provide a powerful catalyst that will advance how cybersecurity and privacy controls are utilized at the strategic, operational and tactical layers of an organization, regardless of its size or industry. The SCF provides a comprehensive catalog of controls that is designed to enable companies to design, build, and maintain secure processes, systems, and applications. The SCF addresses both cybersecurity and privacy, so these principles are designed to be “baked in” at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.


LogicGate and SCF Partnership Benefits


Test once, satisfy many

Map relevant controls across the Secure Controls Framework to your organization’s internal and external controls in Risk Cloud to avoid redundant controls and save time.


Automate manual workflows

Streamline manual control evaluations and risk assessments at your preferred cadence with automated GRC workflows in Risk Cloud.


Stay up to date on the latest framework changes

As frameworks change, LogicGate’s GRC Content & Strategy team will help you stay current with content updates relevant to your organization.

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