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LogicGate is an agile risk platform that adapts as your business changes to accurately identify, assess, and monitor business risks. LogicGate’s risk management solution enables your organization to quickly gain insight into line of business activities with our highly configurable risk engine.

Enterprise Risk Management
Risk Identification

Risk Identification & Assessment

The LogicGate ERM solution provides the technology and methodology to identify all risks that impact your organization and automate risk scoring using dynamic models.

  • Risk List: Define potential risks associated with activities across the enterprise. Capture everything from vendor interactions, finance, to sales and marketing activity.
  • Risk Surveys: Stakeholders from across your business rate risk dimensions such as impact and likelihood using a configurable risk computation scale.
  • Risk Modifiers: Activity-based risk drivers are added as modifiers to risk scores to capture additional business-driven risk factors.
  • Final Risk Scoring: Customizable algorithms compute weighted risk scores for use on dashboards & reports.
  • Risk Mangement Workflows

    Risk Monitoring & Documentation

    The LogicGate ERM software solution manages all aspects of an auditing and monitoring program by automating and streamlining activities.

  • Kickoff & Document Collection: Deadline-driven request management & centralized document collection repository facilitates data request and receipt, including automated tracking and notifications.
  • Dynamic Monitoring Questionnaires: Automated templates allow interview & survey input from any device during monitoring observations.
  • Reporting: Drill into dashboards, custom analytics, and heat maps that deliver in-depth and real-time data on ERM activities across the enterprise.
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    Risk Remediation

    Risk Action Planning & Remediation

    The LogicGate ERM solution enables an effective post-auditing and monitoring program so you can turn information into actionable steps.

  • Findings: Easily generate audit findings from data gathered in monitoring activities.
  • Action Plans: Findings are then turned into time-bound action items assigned to individuals for completion.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Automated monitoring of exising and new risk activity across your organization increases risk visibility.