Why We Partner with Raise The Bar as Part of Our Investment in our People

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Updated: November 24, 2022

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Investing in our people is critical to drive our strategy and create the culture that we all want to be a part of. Companies are only as good as their people and how they work together towards a common goal.

As a part of this investment, we partner with Raise The Bar to provide learning and development opportunities to all of our employees with a specific focus on our People Leaders. As a part of our partnership, Raise The Bar enhances every aspect of leadership through individual one-on-one coaching, a tailored training curriculum, and continued engagement.

Recently, we sat down with three graduates who completed our People Leader Bootcamp led by Raise The Bar in June. We asked them a few questions to learn more about their experiences and what they learned from the program.

We explore their answers and discuss why we value our partnership with Raise The Bar. Read on to learn why this powerful partnership is a critical component of our talent strategy. 

About LogicGate and Raise The Bar’s Partnership

Raise The Bar offers leadership Bootcamps that cover foundational leadership and coaching skills, including how to motivate, strategize, communicate, and serve employees effectively. 

‘Raise The Bar’ also happens to be one of LogicGate’s core values. From enhancing our leaders to pushing innovation and change in the entire industry, we’re always striving to raise the bar. 

But that’s not the only core value that Raise The Bar’s programs embrace. 

Their programs reinforce our People Leaders to ‘Be as One’ and ‘Own It’ throughout their everyday roles and responsibilities. An added emphasis on introspection also captures ‘Embrace Curiosity,’ and our graduates walk away with a deeper understanding of why they lead the way they do. 

LogicGate and Raise The Bar genuinely are partners. We’ve worked closely together to customize and adapt the programs to best serve our team by aligning with the realities of our company and in our industry. The result is a process that effectively strengthens our leaders. 

Q&A with Recent Graduates

We sat down with program graduates Athena, Terry, and Elizabeth to ask a few questions about their experiences and takeaways from Raise The Bar’s program. So what did they have to say? 

Answers are paraphrased and not direct quotes.

How has being part of Raise The Bar benefitted your work life at LogicGate?

Athena: Raise The Bar provided frameworks that I could use to be more intentional and introspective about how I lead, with not only my direct reports but also across the different roles and priorities I have at LogicGate. 

Terry: As an experienced manager, I was eager to learn new technologies and approaches to prevent my leadership from stagnating. I’ve begun leveraging the Rapid Feedback Model, which calls for incorporating feedback into more informal discussions, so it becomes more reflective and natural. 

Elizabeth: The training gave me the tools necessary to be more confident and intentional with meetings, coaching, and conversations. It’s made me more effective at building meaningful relationships with my team.

What has been a highlight for you since participating in Raise The Bar’s Leadership Bootcamp?

Athena: It was such a great experience connecting with leaders on other teams that I may not have gotten the chance to work with yet. We got to discuss our experiences and challenges in a safe space and I really feel like I benefited from the various perspectives and insights shared. There are so many approaches to leading or tackling growth, so it was really special to have gotten the room to focus on these discussions together. 

Terry: The combination of curriculum and individual coaching was powerful. The coach understood both the curriculum and myself, which helped me dive deeper into leadership and management. 

Elizabeth: I liked the emphasis on creating psychological safety in our working environment, which the program taught me is how most people do their best work. Another standout point from the training was three specific leadership skills: setting clear expectations, giving clear and intentional outcome-focused feedback, and receiving feedback with curiosity and accountability.

What is something you find yourself incorporating into your role as a People Leader now that you’ve graduated from Raise The Bar’s Leadership Bootcamp?

Athena: The program taught me the importance of slowing down and thinking holistically about the path ahead for myself, the product, and the team I’m on or ones I collaborate with. It’s given me more long-term perspective and the courage to do the next hard thing. It’s also helped me become more honest and accountable with myself, which can be challenging but necessary.

Terry: I learned that I have a strong listening bias, which was eye-opening for me. Becoming aware of my listening biases has helped me overcome them, and it’s changed how I discuss things with direct reports in 1-1s. In addition, I learned that sometimes not trying to solve everyone’s problems immediately can create more structured, progressive, and engaging conversations.

Elizabeth: I’m currently hiring for my own team, and the Leadership Bootcamp taught me how to ask powerful, open-ended questions, both for hiring and ongoing coaching. I learned how to guide direct reports through questions and give people the opportunity to fix problems on their own. This training was not like any other training I’ve been through; I was happy to be a part of it.

What Are Leaders Saying About Raise The Bar’s Partnership?

LogicGate has partnered with Raise The Bar for several Leadership Bootcamps, workshops and other programs; we asked two leaders to reflect on our partnership with Raise The Bar.

Caroline Werner, our Chief People Officer, said, “We love partnering with Raise The Bar — and we really do operate as a partnership; they have been integral to our continued investment in the growth and development of our talent. As we grow and scale the business, there will continue to be a need for developing new skills and abilities for our teams at all levels and in our leaders who create and model the day-to-day culture and experience at LogicGate.”

Meredith Hall, People Partner, explained, “The partnership between LogicGate and Raise The Bar has been fundamental in building leadership skills and development of our People Leaders. They have been a true partner in how they understand our business, provide opportunities to all employees of LogicGate and serve as a thought partner for our growing learning & development ecosystem. I am excited to continue partnering with RTB to bring engaging, relevant, and applicable learnings to our team members.”

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