What Customer Success Means at LogicGate

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Written by: Andrew Steioff

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Updated: May 01, 2023

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The Customer Success team. The name says it all—right? 

Well, not quite.

Of course, our goal is to make LogicGate’s customers successful, but our mission goes well beyond that. We want our customers to become raving fans of the LogicGate Risk Cloud™ platform, and we create that enthusiasm by providing industry-best experiences right from the very beginning. 

Ultimately, our Customer Success team strives to deliver value to our customers throughout the entire process, from onboarding to a supportive ongoing relationship post-implementation.

Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of The Risk Cloud

We know our technology platform comprises just one piece of a company’s GRC program. Throughout the multi-phased implementation, we work with our clients to make sure that they’ve got the people and processes in place to support LogicGate’s technology. But there are things companies can do up-front to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Here are a few we recommend:

  1. Align the full team on people, process, and technology requirements
  2. Identify who should be involved, the steps of the process, and types of data they’re looking to connect
  3. Determine access permissions (not just the who, but the when and the where)

Keep it Simple

Many different features and functionalities within the LogicGate Risk Cloud platform make it the robust tool that it is, and it’s natural to want to get started with all the bells and whistles from day one. 

However, we recommend keeping it simple to start, sticking to the basics, and focusing on one process at a time. We’ve found that our most successful clients focus on one application first, building that application successfully, and rolling it out to their end users. 

Once you’ve got buy-in within the organization, it’s easier to roll out additional applications. As the end users become more comfortable, they can begin to add more functionality. And we’re always there to help.

Four Stages to Success: From Onboarding to Rollout

Our Customer Success team members use their expertise in the LogicGate Risk Cloud platform and GRC industry knowledge to guide customers through the onboarding process and beyond. The process typically breaks down into the following stages:

Stage One: Requirements Gathering

During the first stage of onboarding, our Customer Success Managers leverage their expertise from a GRC and design perspective—as well as experience working with past clients—to understand our new clients’ needs. Our approach starts with a kickoff call where we reinforce and validate the goals of the LogicGate partnership. Then we begin the process with a deep dive session to learn more about the client’s current challenges, processes, and desired improvements.

Stage Two: Design and Build

After the deep dive session, our team takes the client’s feedback and documents to build the first draft of their application in the Risk Cloud. Our team then performs walkthrough sessions with all key client stakeholders to demonstrate what we’ve built and get their feedback on whether the process requirements have been appropriately captured. 

Stage Three: Test and Iterate

Once the client provides initial signoff on the application, our team guides them through the testing process. During this stage, we look to gather feedback from both admin users and end users to help inform any necessary tweaks or updates in preparation for final signoff.

Stage Four: Going Live

With stages 1–3 behind us, it’s time to go live! If needed, we can help load historical or live data, as well as assist with end user training—however one of our primary goals is to design your application to be as user-friendly as possible, so many of our clients find that extensive end user training is not necessary. After roll out of the platform, our team will continue to be available to answer questions and provide technical support as you grow and mature your GRC platform over time.                                                                                                                     

Beyond the Rollout

Our partnerships don't end after going live: we continue to support our clients long after they’ve rolled out applications on the platform. Here are just a few ways we do so:

  • Our most popular customer resource is the in-app instant messaging chat function. Messages ping the entire customer support team for a rapid response.
  • Our Help Center includes hundreds of articles and tutorials that outline different components of the platform.
  • Our education platform, LogicGate Learning, expands upon the written content in our Help Center to offer interactive learning courses, such as our Power User Certification program, which allow admin users to reinforce and deepen their LogicGate skills.
  • We’re currently building a user community called The Risk Crowd to connect customers with other customers for exchanging tips, tricks, and best practices. 

Since good customer success relies on dependable, efficient support post-launch, in addition to our implementation services, we also offer ongoing success plans.

Our Success Plans

LogicGate has two ongoing Success Plans: Standard and Premier. While every customer gets access to the resources listed above, our Premier Success plan is a great option for our customers who are looking for more hands-on support from our Customer Success team on a regular basis. The Premier Success plan provides access to ongoing admin support, admin training, and strategic design consultation, allowing you to utilize our expert team members as an extension of your GRC team when needed. For more information about each plan, see the chart below:

For more information on the Power User Certification and The Risk Crowd, contact your Customer Success Manager or request a demo.

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