Top 9 GRC Podcasts to Better Your Risk, Compliance, and Security Knowledge


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If you ever wanted to pop in the earbuds and listen to a podcast about GRC, security, compliance, or risk, then go no further. We have compiled a list of the top GRC-based podcasts for you to enjoy, and we find they pair best with a walk, a car ride, or playing in the background while you work.

Check out the list of podcast go-to's that we got when we pooled and polled our LogicGate team and our GRC friends in no particular ranking or order.

Compliance Podcast Network      

Host: Tom Fox

Listen Here:

Why Listen: It's a doorway into many compliance-based shows. Host Tom Fox is the Voice of Compliance. He and his team produce a slew of shows covering Daily News, Ethics, GDPR, Weekly Wrap-ups, Spanish language programming, and Women in Compliance.

What's Ethical with Beth Haddock

Host: Beth Haddock 

Listen Here: 

Why Listen: This podcast brings together thought leaders and opens up the discussions around how they navigate ethical dilemmas, deal with industry challenges, and stay ahead of fudge-factor thinking from a leadership perspective.

Culture of Compliance      

Host: Sabrina Serafin 

Listen Here: 

Why Listen: This show explores the concepts of how to view compliance as a competitive advantage. From security to ESG to ransomware, Sabrina covers it. This show was named #1 in "Top 25 Regulatory Compliance Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020" by Feedspot.

The Risk Management Show       

Host: Boris Agranovich 

Listen Here: 

Why Listen: This show discusses the experiences and ideas behind what's working in risk management. Host Boris Agranovich interviews risk managers, CEOs, and thought leaders to hear their stories and get insights about management, cybersecurity, credit risk, market risk, governance, fintech, reg tech, risk and compliance, AML, fraud, and other related topics.

GARP Risk Podcast

Host: Lisa Ponti 

Listen Here:

Why Listen: Host Lisa Ponti brings together the world's foremost risk practitioners, from around the globe, for in-depth and insightful discussions on today's most significant risk issues in finance and energy.

Security and Compliance Weekly  

Host: Jeff Man, Kat Valentine, Flee, and a weekly rotating co-host 

Listen Here: 

Why Listen: This show is the intersection of regulations, compliance, and privacy with security. The various hosts talk to security and compliance for executives, senior managers, and practitioners responsible for regulatory compliance and privacy to get unique perspectives on security and compliance problems and solutions.

Security Ledger Podcast 

Host: Paul Roberts      

Listen Here: 

Why Listen: Check out this podcast if you’re looking to hear from cybersecurity experts. The podcast and website explore the intersection of cybersecurity with business, commerce, politics, and everyday life.

1st Talk Compliance

Host: Catherine Short  

Listen Here: 

Why Listen: Catherine Short and her guests discuss the topics, pain points, and learning opportunities related to healthcare compliance management in America. This podcast has healthcare compliance covered, from federal fraud and abuse laws to OSHA and human resources compliance.

GRC & Me 

Host: Megan Phee      

Listen Here: 

Why Listen: We weren't going to ignore this one! GRC & Me host Megan Phee shines a light on top GRC professionals who safeguard information and integrity day in and day out. This podcast delves into various GRC topics — from current events and modern methodologies to cultural nuances and game-changing developments.

Well, there you have it — plenty of GRC, security, and compliance podcasts for your listening and educational pleasure. We enjoyed relistening to some of the shows we have known and appeared on and were really excited to find new ones. Happy listening!

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