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In a recent episode of GRC & Me, we are joined by Adam Gladsden, a third-party risk expert and Strategic Advisor at SecurityScorecard. Together we look at current cyber threat landscapes, how siloed points of view affect all risk categories (both third-party and general), and the connections enterprises need to make to un-silo themselves. We also discuss how organizations can improve and mature their third-party risk programs. As you can see it’s a jam-packed episode so we pulled out one of the highlights to feature below, but be sure to listen to the full episode here.

Breaking Down Silos

How does your company deal with and view third-party risks? Does your IT team see them as a security function while risk and compliance teams handle them differently via vendor relationship management? Many companies have two views of the same issue which creates challenges. And you guessed it, siloed processes open up organizations to even more risk.

When you consider the evolution of the cyber risk landscape, it is easy to see how challenging it has been for companies to keep up when they have had to deal with so much noise coming from various parts of the business. Adam attributes this challenge to be “mainly due to people and process.”

Fortunately, as Adam points out “technology has caught up” and GRC solutions like Risk Cloud offer companies a centralized platform for a single pane of glass view that can drown out any unneeded risk landscape noise. With the right technology to help break down those silos between people and processes, organizations can gain better alignment and set themselves up for success. 

Check out the full podcast episode here:

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