Leveraging Compliance Excellence: LogicGate’s Risk Cloud Named Leader in G2 Spring 2024 Grid Report


Written by: Jen Renna

Updated: April 29, 2024

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In today’s modern business environment, enterprises are facing numerous intertwined and dynamic challenges, including rapidly changing risks, a high volume of regulatory changes, and the growing importance of continued operational resilience. These challenges become even more amplified for companies of all sizes and industries who need to create standardizations and develop forward-thinking approaches to navigating and managing compliance. Failing to do so adequately might result in severe repercussions and consequences, including but not limited to financial penalties, reputational damage, and disrupted operations. 

The Thomson Reuters Risk & Compliance Survey Report 2023 found that 70% of corporate risk and compliance professionals are looking to see a substantial change from check-the-box to a strategic approach in the last several years. Amidst this backdrop, LogicGate’s Risk Cloud has been established as a leading and effective solution to help enterprises fortify holistic risk management and compliance efforts. Recognized by Forrester as having a "user experience second to none" in their Forrester Wave Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Q4 2023 Report, LogicGate is consistently acknowledged for its unwavering commitment to excellence and user satisfaction.

The G2 Spring 2024 Grid Report: A Testament to LogicGate's Prowess

With 19 consecutive quarters as a Leader, LogicGate continues to demonstrate its position as industry experts in risk and compliance solutions. This milestone celebrates Risk Cloud’s continued focus on innovation and enhancements to equip enterprises with the wherewithal to effectively navigate the complex risk and regulatory environments. LogicGate’s Risk Cloud posted phenomenal performance, including:

  • 99% of users awarded the platform 4 and 5 stars, showcasing the product’s consistently high quality and dependability. This resounding endorsement is proof of the platform’s capacity to continually meet and exceed the dynamic demands of many organizations across different industries. 
  • More than 92% of users indicated a willingness to recommend LogicGate’s Risk Cloud to peers, emphasizing the high level of user advocacy and confidence in the platform’s capabilities. 
  • A resounding 95% of users revealed they felt LogicGate was on the right path in terms of future development.
  • With an overall satisfaction rate of 98%, Risk Cloud’s quality of support completed the full-scope consensus of robust features. 

This level of affirmation undergirds the platform’s capacity to continuously deliver quick time to value and adapt to the fast-evolving risk management space to ensure enterprises remain resilient against emerging challenges. Built with an unwavering commitment to a customer-first approach, this recognition acknowledges the guidance and assistance LogicGate teams provide customers to deliver maximum value from the Risk Cloud platform.

Also, a high percentage rate, 98% of customers, noted that doing business with LogicGate was “easy” which signified the user-friendly emphasis and easy integration ethos, echoing the sentiments noted by Forrester. 

Risk Cloud Receives Exceptional User Satisfaction Ratings

The platform’s robust functionality, flexibility, and user-friendly experience have helped solidify Risk Cloud as an essential solution for GRC professionals. The figures from the G2 Spring Grid show the following: 

  • 98% quality of support.
  • 89% ease of use.
  • 90% meets requirements. 
  • 89% ease of administer. 
  • 87% ease of setup. 

Top-Rated Features Drive Efficiency

Beyond the overall satisfaction, LogicGate’s unique features have achieved recognition among users in all industries. The highest-rated features of the platform are as follows:

  • Contract Review: 97% satisfaction 
  • Customer Support: 97% satisfaction
  • Professional Services: 96% satisfaction

High marks in each of the aspects reflect the platform’s capacity to streamline critical processes, deliver outstanding support, and offer holistic solutions to help customers effectively manage and grow their GRC programs. 

The Risk Cloud platform’s recent Leader standing on G2’s Spring 2024 Grid affirmed its status as a go-to choice for all risk and compliance demands. Powered by innovative technology and a flexible platform, enterprises can navigate the complexity of compliance with confidence, take a proactive approach to risk management as well use data-driven decision making to connect impact to business outcomes.




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