How LogicGate Customers Leverage Integrations

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Written by: Andrew Steioff

Reviewed by: Olivia Bruns
Updated: October 31, 2022

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As a risk professional, you recognize that siloed GRC infrastructure makes it more challenging to take a companywide approach to risk management. And in an effort to create a more risk-aware organization, you are looking for ways to effectively integrate risk management processes with the rest of the company. One strategy you can use to integrate risk awareness throughout your organization is to find a GRC solution that integrates with programs you already have. 

Finding an integrated solution also means the likelihood of adoption throughout your GRC team increases, making the money you invest in a GRC platform well worth it. Suppose your GRC teams are already using specific communication or task management tools. An integrated GRC platform will help meet them where they’re working from, which helps minimize the learning curve. When a GRC solution integrates with tools adopted across the company, you can leverage existing tech stacks to encourage immediate incident reporting, follow-through on risk assessments, and customized alerts to relevant stakeholders.

Integrations with platforms such as Slack and Power BI support communication, save time, and help you visualize your data in new ways to broaden risk awareness—strengthening your organization’s security and controls. 


Uphold is a financial services organization that was already leveraging Slack as their primary communication platform. Their SVP of Enterprise and Operational Risk, Bernadette Goellner, was looking for an all-encompassing platform to integrate with their existing tech stack. With Risk Cloud’s Slack integration Bernadette and her team were able to send tickets directly into Risk Cloud from Slack so that the incident team could review and triage incidents to rectify situations.

Being an organization that relies heavily on Slack for the majority of its communication can have its challenges. According to Bernadette, this is where the integration really helped the team because previously “there wasn’t any formal notification or formal executive communication process. So, now we actually have that built into our workflow and have the ability, if needed, to notify a particular group to say we have “xyz” incident that requires your attention. And they can immediately now go click a link because they'll get notified in an email, and they go right out to LogicGate and can see and view what's going on because our integration is seamless.”

You can hear more from Bernadette and learn how the Uphold team utilized the Slack integration with Risk Cloud.

Power BI

Danny Spencer, a GRC Operations Analyst at Netsmart, a healthcare software company, was looking for a way to spend less time updating weekly and monthly reports for his department head and executives. With Risk Cloud’s Power BI integration, Danny can quickly and easily create reports to give him time back to focus on other responsibilities.

Danny explained, “There has been a lot of time saved in creating these reports as a result of the integration. It has allowed me to spend more time being proactive and building out a more robust risk program. There has been better visibility for leadership, and this integration has given a better understanding of the corporate risk posture. The reports have gotten more detailed, and less time is used to create the reports.”

The integrations available in Risk Cloud extend beyond these examples. Visit our integrations page on Risk Cloud Exchange or request a demo to learn more and see what’s possible.

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