How Equiniti used Risk Cloud to Create a Connected Risk Program

Equiniti and LogicGate

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Spreadsheets. Disconnected risk data. Too much time spent waiting for vendors to make changes. Are any of these hitting on your own frustrations with your risk program? We hear about these challenges time and time again from risk pros, but we love to check in with customers once they’re up and running in LogicGate’s Risk Cloud platform to see how things are improving.

Recently, we chatted with our friends at Equiniti to see how they’re managing their risk program in Risk Cloud. Equiniti is a UK-based international company in the FinTech space that connects businesses with markets, engages customers with their investments, and allows organizations to grow and transform. 

We’re thrilled to share their story since we think it’ll resonate with a lot of other companies who find themselves in similar situations. Here are some highlights from Equiniti’s story:

  • Grow, Pivot, and Scale

After scanning the market, Equiniti found that Risk Cloud was the most suitable fit. The Equiniti team needed something to help them grow, pivot, and scale as changes arose. And spreadsheets just didn’t cut it. With Risk Cloud, the team makes changes as they need to so they can continue to grow and adapt as their business does. 

  • Collaboration at the Core

Equiniti + LogicGate = Partnership. Both companies worked together to deliver and set up a risk program that worked for Equiniti where they could self-service and make changes on their own. Now the Equiniti team can go into Risk Cloud and build things themselves and collaborate with the LogicGate team as they need to.

  • Connected Risk Program

When the Equiniti team started working in Risk Cloud they took time to review their current processes and ways of doing things. With Risk Cloud, Equiniti can pull in multiple teams, use various apps, and link records across their organization in one platform to better manage their risk program. Not only have they found ways to do things more efficiently, but they can easily access data to share across the team and the business which is a win/win for everyone.

Watch the video below to learn more about Equiniti’s story:

If you’re looking for a platform to help you centralize and connect your risk program, visit us at and request a demo of Risk Cloud for yourself.

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