Has the ‘Great Resignation’ Created the ‘Great Reflection’ for Organizations?


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In this episode of GRC & Me, LogicGate’s CEO, Matt Kunkel welcomes new Chief People Officer, Caroline Werner, as they assess the Great Resignation and look back at the last few years for lessons learned. 

With a lot of grace and room to learn and continue improving, Caroline and Matt discuss what they feel are important areas for organizations to think about given the current talent landscape. 

As Matt shared, “You have to be able to meet your employees where they want to be met and different employees want to be met in different ways.” 

Here are some of the highlights from their conversation: 

  1. Concentrate on facilitating meaningful and fulfilling connections for teammates, leadership, and with your customers. It’s easy to feel disconnected with everything being remote, but relationships create stickiness.
  2. Especially in a remote working environment, make sure to carve out time for team members to get valuable face time with leadership. This helps them feel more included and aligned on what goals the company is working towards.
  3. For organizations that can do so, adopt an outcomes-first-based culture. It’s not about being in the office from nine to five, five days a week.
  4. Give a lot of grace. Everyone learns, reads, and hears things differently. 
  5. Be flexible. What works today may not work tomorrow so it’s important to build in a level of flexibility and create channels for feedback.

Want to hear more about what Caroline and Matt had to say? Make sure to check out the full podcast episode here:

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