GRC & Me: Enhancing Business Continuity Plans in Volatile Times

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Everywhere you look, it seems like volatility is the new normal, from the pandemic to inflation to cyber attacks. As a result, business continuity plans have never been more critical. It’s time for businesses across all industries to look for opportunities to improve their resilience.

In the latest episode of our podcast GRC & Me, LogicGate’s Megan Phee sat down with Jason Wang, Chief Risk Officer at Synergy Credit Union, to explore how to enhance business continuity plans during these volatile times.

Key highlights from the episode include:

  • What exactly are volatile times?
  • The three phases of a business continuity plan and how to move through them: preparedness, prevention, and response.
  • Education and awareness can go a long way in preparedness. Constantly remind employees about common issues, like phishing emails.
  • What enterprise-wide decisions can be made to enhance risk management?
  • Frontline employees are the first line of defense; risk management is the second.
  • Leadership must set the tone and empower every employee to become a risk manager.
  • Continuity plans prepare you for the worst before they happen. Don’t wait for a ransomware attack to know how to respond.

Catch Megan and Jason’s insight-rich conversation by listening to the podcast below:

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