GRC & Me: Building Preemptive Business Resilience by Focusing on Impact

Howard Mannella - Podcast - Social 03

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Crisis management is at the core of business resilience. Unfortunately, most organizations take a reactive approach when an incident occurs, responding, sometimes poorly, to unexpected circumstances in real time. But taking a proactive approach to head off crises or — even better — a preemptive approach that anticipates them and bakes resiliency into the business as a whole can have a big payoff. That’s why it’s important to continue evolving crisis management programs to improve your organization’s overall resilience.

LogicGate’s Megan Phee and Udemy’s Howard Mannella, Senior Staff of Global Business Continuity, recently connected to explore how businesses can take a preemptive approach to crisis management to improve overall business resilience on the GRC & Me podcast.

Here are some highlights from their discussion:

  • What is the difference between reactive, proactive, and preemptive crisis management?
  • How can organizations preemptively improve business resilience?
  • What is SPLATR, and how can the acronym help focus your efforts?
  • Why you should focus on the impact, not the cause.
  • How Risk Cloud’s customization and workflows turned Howard from a skeptic to a fan.
  • Why visibility into your organization is essential for business resilience.

Listen to the full episode for actionable insights you can put to work to improve your own business resilience:

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