GRC & Me: Building and Maturing a GRC Program Aligned with Business Goals

James Bundy - Social 03

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Security and compliance isn’t just about checking boxes to avoid fines and penalties: Implementing a holistic GRC program can be a key factor in driving success for your business.

On this episode of GRC & Me, James Bundy, practice director at Optiv, sat down with LogicGate’s Andy Ruse to explore how organizations can build or enhance GRC programs that meaningfully contribute to the business.

They discuss how to:

  • Assess and understand the value of risk management processes
  • Approach GRC from a business-outcomes perspective
  • Turn compliance requirements into business enablers
  • Understand and optimize technical debt, so you only pay for tools that add value
  • Get executive buy-in for your GRC programs
  • Continuously improve your GRC programs to achieve business goals.

Listen to the full episode with James and Andy here:

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