Celebrating LogicGate Customers at Agility 2021


Written by: Andrew Steioff

Reviewed by: kenneth.foo
Updated: March 15, 2022

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You may have heard us say this a time or two before, but at LogicGate we truly believe that the work that our customers do in managing risk is critical. We believe that the ways in which we can partner together to streamline your work can meaningfully impact people’s lives by helping to make that critical work easier. 

At our Agility 2021 conference, we wanted to celebrate and highlight the achievements of some of our customers. So, we created five award categories that we felt highlighted both teams and individuals who are building top-tier GRC programs on Risk Cloud and who are actively championing the growth of our GRC community. The first three awards were determined by votes and the last two were determined by customer engagement data. In the spirit of privacy and security—something I know you all are familiar with—we’re going to keep award winners anonymous, but we still wanted to celebrate them!

Impact Award

This award was created to recognize a team or individual whose efforts over the past year have made an impact within their organization by: 

  • Delivering meaningful results, 
  • Driving significant change, 
  • Or helping to increase awareness or involvement of stakeholders in creating a culture where risk is embraced as a team sport

This year’s Impact Award winner is a Senior Compliance, Governance & Risk Manager in the consumer financial services industry. They are a powerhouse Risk Cloud power user who invested multiple hours hands-on in their platform to build out their organization's risk program from the ground up. Since kicking off their organization’s risk program from its infancy just 12 months ago, they have helped to drive an increase in the maturity of their risk program, especially in the area of executive risk reporting. 

Innovation in GRC Award

Our next award is all about recognizing a customer who has been leading the way in embracing our Agility theme this year of reimagining risk. Over the years, we have been blown away by the creativity and innovation that we have seen our customers display in the many unique solutions they’ve brought to life in Risk Cloud to help meet their organization’s needs. 

This year’s winner of the Innovation in GRC award has definitely been trailblazing the way in fully embracing the art of the possible. This multinational hospitality company works across teams in their organization to identify critical processes, both within the GRC space and beyond, that can benefit from standardization, automation, and centralization—working to quickly bring them to life in their platform. From building solutions for new project intake across various operational teams to exploring workflows to support hiring, this team is always looking for opportunities to transform the way their business manages risk. 

GRC Champion Award

Behind every successful GRC program, we know there is at least one individual who day-in and day-out leads the charge in being a champion of risk for their organization. These leaders provide the vision and direction to drive their risk and compliance programs forward, while also enabling the success of their teams and we are so grateful for the work of these individuals. 

This year, we will be recognizing two rockstar individuals with this award. Our first winner is the Senior Manager of GRC Information Security at a digital retailer for personalized products. They lead a cross-functional team of risk, information security, and compliance specialists. They have ensured that their team can accomplish their goals seamlessly by setting a shared vision for the team, facilitating sprint planning to ensure goals are achieved, and making sure the team is sufficiently trained and enabled as power users within the Risk Cloud platform. They’ve led the creation of eight live applications in Risk Cloud, five of which were created entirely by their own team, with plans for future growth.

The other winner of the GRC Champion award is a Compliance Specialist from a Canadian provider of responsible lending solutions. They have been an incredible advocate for their team and are constantly striving to make improvements to their organization’s GRC program. They work across various functions to ensure that teams are sharing best practices and coordinating their initiatives to achieve their overall GRC program goals. They are known for always being on top of the latest news in GRC and serve as a great knowledge source for others. 

GRC Community Award

We are also excited to recognize two winners of this next award, the GRC Community award. This award recognizes customers who have been top contributors within our Risk Crowd community, as well as top contributors of feedback to our Risk Cloud product team. They strengthen our LogicGate GRC community by sharing best practices and by helping to inform our product roadmap. 

Our first winner is from the computer and network security sector. They have provided invaluable membership in LogicGate’s User Research Panel, with participation in nearly every single study performed with the panel this year to provide detailed and thoughtful feedback. They have connected with other customers and partners in our community to share their knowledge as a Risk Cloud power user and we thank them for all they do.

Our next GRC Community winner is a non-profit financial cooperative. They have team members across their ERM, TPRM, Internal Audit, and Compliance teams that have all been great sources of feedback for Risk Cloud via user research surveys and interviews. This customer also had representation on a panel of Risk Cloud power users that presented at LogicGate’s 2021 company kickoff and is a go-to when we are looking for a source of Risk Cloud knowledge.

Outstanding Advocate Award

This award recognizes someone who has been a consistent promoter of LogicGate’s vision and platform and who has played a meaningful role in helping to grow LogicGate’s customer community. 

This Managing Director of Cybersecurity is who comes to mind when we think about the epitome of a true partner that has helped to advocate for the change that LogicGate can make happen within an organization. They have also helped to share the value that Risk Cloud can provide with a multitude of others within the GRC community. Their team has embraced the infinite possibilities in Risk Cloud, and as someone who’s been able to witness firsthand what this customer and their team have accomplished, I can’t wait to see how this individual continues to drive outstanding impact across LogicGate’s community going forward.

Although we wish we could have seen everyone in person this year, we’re so glad we got to celebrate and connect with our customers virtually this year at Agility 2021. Hopefully, we can be together at Agility 2022, but regardless of whether we’ll be in person or virtual, I know for sure that we’ll have so many more milestones and achievements to celebrate. 

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