Don’t Let Incidents Fly Under the Radar

Risk Cloud™️ x Incident Management

Pull your incidents into one central view where remediation can be enacted swiftly and efficiently.

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Be Ready to Jump into Action

Spoiler alert: your employees are human, and humans make mistakes. So despite your best efforts, workplace incidents will happen — and that’s cool. What’s not cool is trying to resolve those incidents without a plan. With the flexible solutions in Risk Cloud®, you can start from anywhere and add more frameworks and processes as your GRC program matures. This centralized platform gives your team a place to report incidents, loop in stakeholders, identify controls and regulations related to the incident, escalate, and resolve it.

Incident Management Applications

Customize Your Plan of Attack: With the ready-to-use Incident Management Application in Risk Cloud®, you can set up custom workflows to resolve employee, customer, and third-party incidents swiftly and efficiently — because no one has time for slow, manual processes. You can also view incidents over time to spot trends that might indicate a larger issue, which is kind of a sweet feature.

Incident Management

This centralized database provides a single view where you can track incidents and their resolutions, set up communication protocols for when an incident happens, then automate that communication to ensure incidents are resolved fast.

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