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Remediate Incidents Swiftly and Efficiently

The physical workplace has changed, but incidents are still happening. Regardless of whether you’re tracking incidents for employees, customers, or third parties, your goal is to get the incident escalated to the appropriate teams and resolved quickly. Limit risk exposure with Risk Cloud™.

Incident Management Applications

Moving at Your Speed: This Risk Cloud Application sets you up to respond to incidents appropriately by giving you all of the information you need in one place.

Incident Management

Handle incidents with ease by automating incident response duties, tracking incident responses in a single repository, and empower your entire organization to follow incident response protocols all in Risk Cloud’s Incident Management Application.

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  • "The best part about LogicGate is the flexibility it provides fast-paced organizations to implement new processes and adapt as the company continues to change and grow. The other big advantage of LogicGate is that it was very easy to customize the platform to fit our risk framework and scoring methodology, rather than having to adjust our framework to fit the tool, which would have been the case with several GRC platforms on the market today."

    - Head of Risk and Compliance, Healthcare

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