Incident Management with LogicGate

Effectively capture, track, and monitor incidents & events across your organization

LogicGate’s Incident Management software provides a centralized repository where incidents reported to your company can be logged, monitored, investigated, and managed to resolution.

LogicGate and Financial Services Industry
Incident Management

Flexible Incident Management

LogicGate can be configured to handle nearly any type of incident reporting, from customer complaints to IT ticket and incident tracking.

  • Create and manage a wide variety of incidents using LogicGate’s form creator to log hotline calls, audit findings, legal review, and fraud allegations.
  • Automate tasks and assignments and remove human decision points.
  • Customize your incident reporting from scratch, or use our predfined templates for common use cases.
  • Custom Incident Workflow

    Custom Workflows

    Visually design custom workflows for each incident type in an intuitive user interface.

  • Build custom handling rules and logic to escalate critical items.
  • Role-based user access control lets users get access just to what they need, and nothing more.
  • Multi-incident support allows custom workflows for each type of incident.
  • Discover how LogicGate's software can help you manage incidents.

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    Track Incident Management Performance

    Monitor SLAs and Track Performance

    LogicGate’s intelligence module give you access to on-the-fly dashboarding and reporting, providing the insight you need into your organizations incident performance.

  • Generate dynamic reports on-the-fly without generating a single line of code.
  • Set alerts and warnings to notify users when important events occur.
  • Visualize how different incidents impact your organization.
  • Measure and enforce SLAs to ensure you meet your targets response times.