LogicGate Services Description

Secondary User. User that can view and interact with records, view and manage work queues, view all reporting, and view records of previous work.

Primary User. Includes all Secondary User abilities, in addition to the ability to create and manage users, create and manage roles and groups and assign to users, create standard report layout views, create and modify workflows, create and modify forms, create and modify fields, create automated reminder rules, take bulk actions (import, assign, update, move), and create new processes.

Public Users. Public Users can receive email notifications and perform work using unique, tokenized links. Public Users are limited to use only for email addresses outside your organization. This limitation is contractual in nature.

Public Pages. A public pages allow you to create publicly available forms that can be submitted by anyone with the unique link.


Concierge Onboarding and Support Service

LogicGate’s Concierge Onboarding service provides hands-on implementation support from a dedicated LogicGate Customer Success Manager for a 100-day period from the Contract Start Date. Included in the services is:

Concierge onboarding includes one App Configuration, which means: (1) the implementation of an application that is one of the Standard Use Cases and not a combination of any two Standard Use Cases; or (2) the implementation of an application that has one clearly defined business owner at your organization and is of a similar scope to a Standard Use Case.

Standard Use Cases: Enterprise Risk Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Vendor Management, IT Risk Management, Policy & Procedure Management / Document Management, Incident Management, Audit Management, Controls Management / Controls Testing (for a single control framework), Business Continuity Planning, Compliance Task Management, Contract Management / Procurement, Threat and Vulnerability Management, Access Reviews, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), Complaint Management, Corrective Actions, Employee Compliance / Employee Attestations, Breach Management, Site Audits, Compliance Monitoring (e.g., Ride Alongs), Asset Management, Specialized Compliance Assessments or Questionnaires.



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