The Stronghold of AI - Top 5 Considerations for Adoption

By Nick Kathmann, LogicGate CISO

There’s no denying the AI wave is here to stay, but while the buzz around AI is reverberating into every boardroom and investor meeting, it’s important to proceed with caution. Organizations need to take the rapid evolution of AI seriously and avoid acting on impulse – it’s essential not just for the safety and security of the business, but for its customers as well. Yes, AI can create efficiencies, accelerate innovation, drive down costs, increase productivity, and so much more – but a poorly secured implementation can incur significant financial and reputational damage. Is the juice worth the squeeze? It should be, because AI is here to stay, and organizations that fail to embrace it, will soon be left in the digital dust. To keep pace, organizations should empower their Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Privacy, and AI teams (GRCPAI) to collaborate and align on the below considerations when integrating AI into business operations and enhancing products and solutions.