LogicGate Unveils Comprehensive SEC Cyber Compliance Solution To Help Organizations Prepare for Upcoming Regulatory Changes

Application Set Empowers Organizations To Navigate SEC Proposed Cybersecurity Rules


CHICAGO, IL –– September 6, 2023 –– LogicGate, a leading provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions through its Risk Cloud® platform, announced today the launch of its Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Cyber Compliance Solution. This innovative offering equips organizations with the necessary tools and expertise to navigate these new regulatory changes regarding cybersecurity disclosures.

“We understand the challenges organizations face as they navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and maintain compliance with new standards,” said Matt Kunkel, CEO of LogicGate. “Our SEC Cyber Compliance Solution empowers customers to seamlessly transition into regulatory changes while enhancing their risk management and compliance initiatives.”

Within LogicGate’s Risk Cloud platform, the SEC Cyber Compliance Solution allows organizations to address new cybersecurity regulations set forth by the SEC proactively. These regulations require timely disclosure of material cybersecurity incidents and an enhanced level of transparency in identifying, assessing, and managing risks related to cybersecurity threats.

Key capabilities within Risk Cloud for SEC compliance requirements include:

  • Incident Management - Streamlining incident reporting and triage for effective response assignments and expedient remediation tracking.
  • Cyber Risk Management - Simplified reporting dashboards that identify, quantify, and prioritize cyber risks, facilitating information sharing and response prioritization across the organization.
  • Third-Party Risk Management - Accelerating vendor onboarding by linking vendor controls, audits, and findings while prioritizing third-party risks.
  • Risk Quantification - Enhancing risk prioritization, planning, and response strategies by quantifying risk and potential financial impact.
  • Policy & Procedure Management - Automating policy creation, review, and approval processes alongside meticulous tracking of revision history and employee acknowledgment status.
  • Controls Management - Increasing program efficiency by automating evidence collection, dynamically linking risks, controls, evaluations, and evidence-reducing redundant controls and evaluations

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