Forbes Technology Council: A Strong GRC Program Is A Critical Business Enabler

By Matt Kunkel, co-founder & CEO, LogicGate

As businesses embrace efficiency, they are becoming increasingly focused on the ROI of their investments—and it is impossible to effectively gauge ROI without a thorough understanding of the risks an investment brings with it. But businesses don’t want to spend thousands of hours gathering that data—they want to gather and analyze it as quickly as possible. This has led many to invest in making their GRC programs themselves more efficient, leveraging modern, automated platforms that can streamline GRC processes to help businesses identify, analyze and reduce risk more quickly and effectively. What’s more, businesses aren’t just using that data to reduce risk and drive greater efficiency gains—in many cases, they’re using it to better understand where taking on additional risk is acceptable, providing the context they need to make sound strategic bets that can drive the business forward.