LogicGate Customer Support Policy


The following definitions for three severity levels will denote each support request to LogicGate. LogicGate will assign the most appropriate severity level, in LogicGate’s discretion, to the issue that Customer is experiencing.  Response time and included contacts will vary depending on the severity level associated with the support request.



Customer support will be provided to all Authorized Users (as further described, and subject to the numerical and other limitations set forth, in the Order(s) then in effect) of the Services. Only Severity 1 issues will receive after hours support. The following procedures are for logging, tracking, and resolving issues related to the Services.

2.1.        Standard Business Hour Support. LogicGate offers support during the hours of 9:00am – 6:00pm CST Monday – Friday (Excluding company holidays).

2.2.        Case Logging.

Support Phone: 312-279-2775 ext. 2

Support Email:

Support Chat: In-app chat button

2.3.        Issue Escalation. If at any time the Customer feels as if its support request is not progressing at an acceptable rate, the Customer may escalate the request through its designated LogicGate engagement representative.

2.4.        Resolution Process. Upon successful resolution of the issue, LogicGate Inc. will send an e-mail to the Customer confirming that the case has been closed. Once issue resolution has been confirmed, LogicGate will update the support case and tracking log.

1.           Trouble Ticket opened

2.           Assign engineer to determine and correct the error

3.           Periodic reports on the status of the correction

4.           Initiate work to correct the error



3.1.        Maintenance. Software service maintenance, which includes maintenance releases, enhancements, new versions, additions and modifications to the service, that LogicGate provides to all other customers are included under support for no additional fee.

3.2.        Scheduled Outages. Scheduled outages are usually scheduled during Friday evenings from 8PM – 10PM CST and customers are usually notified via email.


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Last Updated: February 27, 2019.