Third-Party Compromise Assessment Application


What is Third-Party Compromise Assessment?

As organizations increasingly rely on external vendors for critical products and services, they must protect their assets and operations from third-party risks, including unauthorized access and use. Third-party compromise assessment helps organizations proactively assess the impact of an external threat, incident, or vulnerability both on third parties and their own organization, so they can prepare for and minimize their operational impact. 

Third-Party Compromise Assessment Application in Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud® is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology.

Risk Cloud’s Third-Party Compromise Assessment Application helps organizations determine the potential impact of external vulnerabilities or incidents, so they can proactively manage risk. This Application provides a central register of third-party relationships and details of any identified external vulnerabilities. Using automated workflows, organizations can require completion of compromise impact assessments by their third parties. Once the assessment is completed, organizations can determine if mitigation or remediation is required.

Protect Your Assets from External Incidents

  • Protect your operations, intellectual property, and data when working with third parties
  • Strengthen your third-party risk management to prevent breaches
  • Proactively manage risk by registering third-party relationships, known vulnerabilities, and their potential impact
  • Automate workflows and communications in the event of an external vendor vulnerability or incident
Protect Your Assets from External Incidents
Assess Exposure to External Vulnerabilities

Assess Exposure to External Vulnerabilities

  • Initiate compromise assessments following external incidents and vulnerabilities
  • Map compromise impact assessments to a third-party repository to understand the scope of potential incidents
  • Summarize the impact on third parties utilizing pre-built reporting capabilities
  • Automate communications to third party partners in the event of a published external vulnerability

Automate Third-Party Risk Management

  • Centrally register information about your organization’s third-party relationships
  • Log external vulnerabilities that may impact your organization’s third parties
  • Link vulnerabilities to compromise impact assessments to assess the potential impact
  • Initiate and assign a compromise impact assessment to be completed by third parties
Automate Third-Party Risk Management

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