LogicGate Pricing

Our Pricing Model

We strive to offer a flexible pricing model that aligns with your organizational needs given your specific use case. Given the unique quality of each organization that uses our software, we have developed the approach below to give you the most flexibility.

Number of Users

The number of users who will be using the application is the largest factor in determining price. We offer pricing based on a "per user" basis or across all users in your organization.

Enterprise vs. Single App

You can choose one of LogicGate's pre-built solutions to customize or have an enterprise license to build as many custom applications as you like.

Where it's Deployed

Our secure cloud environment is the quickest and most cost efficient environment for running the application. Custom deployments to private clouds can also be performed.

Additional Features

Integrations such as single sign on (SSO), HR systems, or custom configurations.

LogicGate: Enterprise

All the features you need to build your
own custom business applications.

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  •   Visually Design Business Process Steps
  •   Create Custom Handling Rules that Route Assignments
  •   Build Tasks From on a Library of Templates
  •   Intuitive Form Designer
  •   Set SLA & Due Date Indicators
  •   Create Email Notification Rules
  •   KPI-Based Reports
  •   Role-Based Access Control
  •   Mobile Enabled