Risk with Confidence

A GRC Platform that Converts Risk into Opportunity

Spoiler alert: you can’t eliminate risk from your organization. But you can invest in GRC software that helps you identify risks and turn them into opportunities. With LogicGate's Risk Cloud® platform, you can build no-code workflows to make smarter decisions about risk. Whether you’re a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) newbie or a seasoned pro, you can set up, improve, and manage your GRC program with ease. See what it feels like to risk with confidence using our Risk Cloud solutions.


So…what is a GRC solution exactly?

If you’re new to GRC, here’s the scoop. A company’s GRC strategy acts as a playbook for how to handle anything related to corporate governance, risk management, and compliance. You following? Good.

GRC platforms (like Risk Cloud) connect the dots between these three functions and provide a holistic view of company risks. Pretty cool, right? These platforms also help you build and communicate processes to remain compliant, assess and manage risks across the organization, and protect your bottom line from any threats. Cue applause and let out a sigh of relief.

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The Risk Cloud Difference

Good GRC solutions help you make lists of organizational issues. Great GRC solutions help you check items off that list. We don’t want to tell you what to do, but we prefer that our to-do list is to-done. So we built a great GRC solution that gets you there faster.

Risk Cloud uses automation to proactively track and respond to issues, providing insights and best practices along the way. It also helps you make sense of the regulations that apply to your business and establish processes to ensure you’re compliant with them. Once you’ve converted risk into profit, use Risk Cloud to create customized reports to share with your board and showcase how incredible you are.

The Risk Cloud Difference


Dozens of decisions are made at your organization every day. And each of those decisions plays a role in how quickly your business will achieve its goals. (This is where the “G” in GRC comes in.)

Governance is the practice of creating guidelines and processes that enable employees to make the right decisions every time. Collaborative GRC platforms like Risk Cloud allow you to create and communicate those guidelines quickly and track decision making throughout your organization in one place to ensure your business is moving in the right direction.

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Risk Management

Every organization faces risks. They're bound to be different from company to company: a supplier might go out of business, a new law could affect data-collection processes, or an economic downturn could upend capital markets. Whatever the risks may be, it's critical that they're identified, tracked, and mitigated as effectively and comprehensively as possible. It's up to management to drive a culture of risk management throughout their organizations — and set acceptable enterprise risk thresholds so potential threats can be addressed promptly.

GRC solutions help organizations put these tracking and response protocols in place.

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Risk Management


Every industry is subject to its own collection of rules, regulations, and best practices that affect how business is conducted. Companies and organizations must follow the standards that pertain to their industries or face the consequences, which can involve fines, disbarment, lost revenue, or worse. Compliance is a company's internal process for conforming with external rules and regulations, allowing it to continue pursuing its goals.

A good governance, risk, and compliance software solution will help with the entire spectrum of compliance, from identifying the right rules, to keeping tabs on program effectiveness, to change management when regulations shift.

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