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Financial Services organizations currently face one of the most complex regulatory and compliance environments, dealing with a web of international, federal, state and local laws and rules. Regulations can come from myriad of government agencies, including the OCC, Federal Reserve, CFPB, SEC, CFTC, and FINRA to name a few.

Ensuring full organizational compliance while also transforming how your business operates is a challenge that can only be solved with the right tools in place. LogicGate’s focus is helping financial institutions achieve high levels of compliance by ensuring that the right controls are in place. The LogicGate platform ensures that formally documented compliance processes are implemented and the effectiveness of corporate controls are sound.

LogicGate and Financial Services Industry

Regulatory, Compliance, & Legal Solutions

in Financial Services

Regulatory Change Management

LogicGate | Regulatory Change Management

  • Enables mortgage banks, credit unions, and financial institutions to implement a top-class regulatory change management program.
  • Analyze, test, and execute regulatory changes to ensure full compliance and transparency.
  • Find and eliminate compliance gaps in your organization’s control documentation.
  • Enterprise Risk Management

    LogicGate | Enterprise Risk Management

  • Enables corporations to accurately identify, assess, monitor, and remediate business risks.
  • Automates assessment of inherent and residual risk based on impact and likelihood; supports multi-dimensional risk assessments.
  • Captures risk data, including risk details, documentation, questionnaire information, impact, rating, and emerging issues.
  • Build action and mitigation plans with time bound activities, each assigned to individuals within the company.
  • Case Management

    LogicGate | Case Management

  • LogicGate Investigation and Case Management is an end-to-end solution for performing internal investigations, tracking case status, and responding to investigatory requests from government authorities.
  • Supports record reviews associated with FCPA, FATCA and DOJ investigations.
  • Incident Management

    LogicGate | Incident Management

  • Provides banks with the ability to manage events such as fraud hotline tips, potential employee fraud or abuse events, log and monitor audit findings to closure, and legal issues.
  • The solution allows for the customization of incident reporting forms for employees or customers to report events.
  • LogicGate Policy and Procedure Solution

    LogicGate | Policy Management

  • Provides a central repository where policies and procedures can be created, approved, revised, published, and communicated.
  • Version controls ensure a fully auditable environment.
  • Create custom workflows to support effective controls for new, updated, or decommissioned policies and procedures.
  • LogicGate FCPA Compliance Management

    LogicGate | FCPA Compliance

  • Centralized, global repository for legal, compliance, and accounting to track, analyze, and approve gift, hospitality, and contributions across the organization.
  • Advanced analytics helps reduce fraud, corruption, and abuse.
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