Navigating AI Governance: Opportunities, Outcomes, and Consequences

 navigating ai governance: opportunities, outcomes, and consequences in June 13, 2024, 10am CT

June 13, 2024, 10am CT

 navigating ai governance: opportunities, outcomes, and consequences at Virtual


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About this session:

While generative AI can propel organizations to be more efficient, effective and produce added value, the lack of clarity and understanding about how to quickly adopt AI models, govern usage and have the flexibility to scale are creating delays in implementing AI guidelines and guardrails. As AI rapidly evolves, taking a lackadaisical approach may come with ramifications.

GRC professionals must lead governance programming to help their organizations move fast, but safely to avoid the unintended consequences.

Join our guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Cody Scott, alongside Jay Jamison, President of Product and Technology at LogicGate, for a conversation on how to efficiently adopt AI with the needed safety protections and protocols to govern successfully, and carve out a competitive advantage.

About Cody Scott:

Cody is a senior analyst at Forrester serving security and risk professionals. He covers cyber risk management with a focus on cyber risk quantification (CRQ), enterprise risk management (ERM), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). In this role, Cody helps Forrester clients tailor and implement effective risk management strategies, processes, and technologies that innovate their security programs, strengthen operational resilience, and deliver business value.

Previous Work Experience

Cody has 10 years of experience in the security field leading complex projects, building high-performing teams, and transforming cybersecurity and privacy programs. Prior to Forrester, Cody served as the first chief cybersecurity risk officer of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), where he led a team focused on building a world-class cyber risk and resilience program. Before joining the civil service, Cody worked as a consultant supporting technology projects and programs across the US Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, and NASA. He has been a featured speaker at leading conferences, including RSA Conference, FAIRCON, and DOE CyberCon.


Cody holds a BA in international affairs from the George Washington University. He is also a certified expert risk management framework professional.

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