Regulatory Compliance Powered By Ascent

What is Ascent?

Ascent is an AI-driven platform that helps compliance teams pinpoint their financial regulatory obligations. Ascent’s technology generates your obligations and keeps them updated as rules change, providing you targeted knowledge, and not just an overload of data. 

Regulatory Compliance Powered By Ascent in Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud™ is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology. 

Risk Cloud’s Regulatory Compliance Powered By Ascent Application is built from LogicGate’s unique partnership with Ascent, a leading provider of AI-based solutions that automate regulatory compliance. This Application enables your organization to continuously assess and monitor regulatory compliance and leverage Ascent’s AI technology to deliver relevant obligations specific to your business. These targeted obligations and rules are automatically scoped to your Risk Cloud environment from Ascent using pre-built Risk Cloud workflows. You can seamlessly assess compliance with obligations scoped for your organization and if compliance gaps are identified, instantly create corrective and preventive action plans.

Leverage a Powerful Regulation Partnership

Leverage a Powerful Regulation Partnership

  • Combine the forces of a customizable platform to centralize your regulatory compliance with the power of AI technology that automates compliance tasks specific to your needs
  • Shift your regulatory compliance approach from reactive to proactive and reduce costs around regulatory tasks
  • Access over 125 regulators in a pre-built Application to get up and running quickly
  • Focus on more strategic work with a more accurate and productive team

Have Confidence in Your Compliance

  • Enter new markets, regions, products, or industries knowing that you can quickly and correctly comply
  • Gain insights from previously unknown aspects of your regulatory compliance strategy
  • Eliminate regulatory gaps for end-to-end regulation coverage
  • Automatically connect and update regulators within the platform
Have Confidence in Your Compliance
Powerful AI for Targeted Obligations

Powerful AI for Targeted Obligations

  • Cut through the noise of the thousands of regulators to focus on what obligations matter to your organization
  • Remove the guesswork by having your specific obligations delivered to you automatically
  • Get granular with regulators to understand the individual acts your organization must comply with, without having to manually sift through an entire whole rule or large block of text
  • Have all regulation information, horizon scanning, and laws at your fingertips

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