ISO 27005: Information Security Risk Management Application

What is ISO 27005?

Information security helps organizations prepare for the threat of an event that exploits a vulnerability in their infrastructure or assets. ISO 27005 is one set in a series of standards from the International Organization for Standards (ISO) that provides guidelines for information security risks in organizations.

ISO 27005 Compliance on Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud™ is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology.

Risk Cloud’s Information Security Risk Management ISO 27005 Application is pre-built with content aligned to ISO/IEC 27005:2018(E)’s Information Security Risk Management Process. It is built to assess existing threats and vulnerabilities, as well as potential impacts on IT assets. In alignment with the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards, this Application gets you up and running quickly to protect your organization’s assets from any threats.

Accelerate Your InfoSec Risk Analysis with ISO 27005

Accelerate Your InfoSec Risk Analysis with ISO 27005

  • Know the impact and likelihood of security risks in one holistic view
  • Organize all assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and controls in one centralized location
  • Instantly initiate, assign, and track your risk treatment plans with built-in workflows

Reduce Your InfoSec Risk Footprint

  • Keep your IT assets safe by following ISO 27005’s leading practices for identifying, analyzing, and mitigating information security risks
  • Build risk treatments directly from the risks you have identified
  • Track risk treatments and involve the right departments at the right time
  • Understand your unique threats and their possible consequences
Reduce Your InfoSec Risk Footprint
Protect Your Assets

Protect Your Assets

  • Automate calculations with a pre-built scoring rubric aligned to ISO 27005 recommendations
  • Score assets in accordance with NIST 800-26 guidance
  • Customize your asset valuation with your own proprietary scoring rubric
  • Make educated decisions to confidently accept risk based on reporting and insights

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