Matt Kunkel

Co-Founder and CEO

Matt Kunkel is co-founder and CEO of LogicGate, a Chicago based SaaS platform which operationalizes regulatory, risk, and compliance programs for organizations. Matt, originally from Ann Arbor, moved to Chicago after graduating from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. It was during his post-graduate position at Navigant Consulting Inc., leading the Technology Solutions Practice, where he thought of the idea to revolutionize the way organizations automate processes to reduce risk. Matt spent over a decade in the management consulting space, building custom technology solutions to help Fortune 250 companies meet their risk and compliance needs. After working with organizations where people were constantly rushing to meet regulatory requirements, Matt saw an opportunity to build flexible, user-friendly technology to enable organizations to get in front of their risk and compliance needs with easy-to-use process automation software. Given his extensive background in the GRC space, Matt was able to collaborate with his co-founders to drive the LogicGate mission and create solutions where our customers win. Meet The Team