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Enabling effective regulatory change management.

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Increasing regulatory enforcement actions are disrupting your core business activities — resulting in reactionary, costly engagements to prove compliance. LogicGate’s software enables your organization to achieve and maintain full regulatory compliance by linking government regulatory sources to your lines of business and ensuring the appropriate policies, procedures, and controls are in place across the enterprise.

Regulatory change management software
Repository of regulations

Regulation Repository

LogicGate’s comprehensive Regulation Repository makes it simple to identify your industry, regulatory bodies, or topics that impact your business and automatically import those rules and regulations.

  • Updates to regulations create automated notifications, allowing you to decide how to manage a changing regulation.
  • Easily split complex regulations into actionable components to allow for systematic testing.
  • Prioritize the most critical regulations to your organization and keyword search across all regulations.
  • Import from the Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR)
  • Build regulation workflows

    Dynamic Workflows

    LogicGate’s workflow engine gives compliance executives total control over your regulatory change management workflow. Easily design, deploy, and manage complex processes using LogicGate’s intuitive visual workflow designer.

  • Visually design and model workflows in an intuitive user interface. Document your compliance process models for understanding, consistency, and execution at all levels.
  • Custom handling of rules and logic route assignments and escalate issues to the appropriate parties.
  • Role-based access control lets users get access just to what they need, and nothing more.
  • Set SLA requirements, notifications, and dashboard elements.
  • Discover how LogicGate can help you become regulatory compliant.

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    Create relationship between regulations and your business

    Relationship Engine

    LogicGate’s Relationship Engine allows compliance, legal, and line of business operators to build connections to key organizational elements.

  • Build linkages that connect requirements —> lines of business —> control documents, such as policies, procedures, training and IT systems.
  • Visualize how regulatory changes will impact your organization.
  • Assess effectiveness of line of business control documentation (procedures, training, systems) against regulations and target areas of non-compliance.
  • Remediate gaps in regulatory compliance


    LogicGate provides the tools to identify business processes, policies, procedures, and other artifacts that have gaps in compliance with regulations.

  • Clearly capture the specific updates that need to be made to business processes to gain full compliance.
  • Track the full lifecycle of a change event from identification, scoping, and execution, to employee communication.
  • Import and update artifact repositories and track document changes.
  • LogicGate. Regulatory change management, delivered.

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    LogicGates intelligence module give you access to on-the-fly dashboarding and reporting, providing the insight you need into your organizations regulatory compliance program.

  • Generate dynamic reports on-the-fly without generating a single line of code.
  • Set alerts and warnings to notify users when important events occur.
  • Visualize where regulatory changes will impact your organization and model future regulatory requirements.
  • Measure and enforce SLAs to ensure employees and business units meet their targets.