Policy and Procedure Management on LogicGate

Content creation, approval, and communication of policies, procedures, and control documents

LogicGate's Policy Management software is a robust solution that enables collaboration across the enterprise and ensures effective policy and procedure documents are developed, updated, and followed by your lines of business. The powerful business workflow engine ensures that the right employees are reviewing, updating and approving key organizational artifacts. The policy creation workflow ensures that control documents are analyzed, written, designed, approved, published, and communicated by the appropriate parties.

LogicGate and Financial Services Industry
Create Policies and Procedures

Build Effective Policies and Procedures

The Policy and Procedure creation module allows you to build out your organizations library of policies, procedures, and other control artifacts.

  • Import multiple existing policy, procedure, and document libraries into a single repository.
  • Utilize pre-built policy and procedure document templates to quickly generate new artifacts.
  • Customize the type of documents created, information collected, and workflow routing for each document type.
  • Policy Workflow

    Manage Change with Workflows

    The workflow engine provides a standardized approach to analysis, writing, design, and approval or new control artifacts before they are disseminated.

  • Assign and delegate tasks to the appropriate team member.
  • Distribute work across a team of document writers to eliminate bottlenecks and manage demand.
  • Import your business rules to ensure the right approvals are obtained before communicating new policies.
  • Discover how LogicGate’s workflow can change how you manage policies.

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    Communicate Policy Changes to employees

    Communicate and Distribute

    Efficiently communicate and disseminate updated policy and procedure documents across the enterprise.

  • Target particular business processes or entities to minimize change impact.
  • Provide a centralized repository for end-users for all policy and procedure information across your organization.
  • Ensure employees have attested to reading and comprehending policies and procedures.