Your Biggest Issue Shouldn’t Be Trying to Resolve Them

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Don’t Let a Small Issue Become a Big Problem

The process of managing issues shouldn’t cause more trouble than the issue itself. Nobody wants that. If you’re flipping through tabs, repeating manual processes in multiple systems, and copying and pasting the same communication into several emails just to resolve an issue, we’re sorry, but you’re doing it wrong. With the flexible solutions in Risk Cloud®, you can start from anywhere and add more frameworks and processes as your GRC program matures. Because it’s all in one platform, you can link the components of your program so your team has all the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and make smarter decisions. Problem solved.

Issues Management Applications

We've All Got Issues: You shouldn’t be looking for issues across multiple GRC systems. Keep it together — literally — and manage all your risks from one location. With the ready-to-use Issues Management Application in the Risk Cloud platform, you can log and prioritize issues, automate responses, assign resolutions, track the status in real time, and update the entire organization easily.

Issues Management

Say goodbye to siloed, manual processes. Efficiently document, manage, and track remediation efforts in one place.

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