Audit Management with LogicGate

Streamline audits and investigations by building repeatable processes with LogicGate

LogicGate's Case Management software is an end-to-end solution for performing internal investigations and responding to investigatory and audit requests from government authorities. The dynamic platform can be quickly configured to handle virtually any type of audit or investigation. LogicGate’s Investigation Management supports internal FCPA, FATCA, AML, CMS, and DOJ investigations and audits.

LogicGate and Financial Services Industry
Centralized Corporate Investigations

Centralized Investigations

No matter the type of investigation, LogicGate is configured to handle the job. All investigation matters can easily be managed and reported in a single platform.

  • FATCA, AML, and financial transaction reviews.
  • FCPA, bribery, and corruption investigations.
  • Security and risk management.
  • CMS, Medical record, and billing reviews & Audits.
  • Loss prevention and asset protection.
  • Internal fraud and crime investigations.
  • Case Management Workflows

    Case Workflows

    Visually design and model workflows for each case in an intuitive user interface. Facilitate communication to third-party investigators or government officials and ensure execution consistency at all levels.

  • Dynamic case task creator from predefined library & templates
  • Role-based user access control lets users get access just to what they need, and nothing more.
  • Multi-Case support allows custom workflows for each case.
  • Discover how LogicGate streamlines your investigations and reduces cost.

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    Track Investigation Evidence

    Data: Captured & Reviewed

    LogicGate streamlines the process of importing electronically stored information and case details to reduce setup time.

  • Import and map documents and data to each case.
  • Create interviews, gather statements, and record evidence.
  • Collection forms can be fully customized or based off templates for common use cases.
  • Investigation Analytics and Reporting

    Intelligent Investigations.

    LogicGate enables you to conduct each investigation with intelligence, giving you access to the information you need to make decisions.

  • Monitor investigation progress and pinpoint bottlenecks.
  • On-the-fly query designer builds reports in seconds.
  • Deep-dive analytics gives you any data point, all the time.
  • Create SLAs and receive notifications to ensure investigations stay on time and on budget.