GDPR Compliance with LogicGate

Get Ready for GDPR with LogicGate. Simplify and Centralize all GDPR Requirements.

With the complex requirements of GDPR overwhelming compliance departments and an implementation deadline quickly approaching, LogicGate’s workflow and automation platform provides a level of simplicity and assurance to help your organization meet GDPR compliance requirements. With the LogicGate platform, your organization will have a centralized system that can rapidly implement the new processes needed to achieve GDPR compliance – as well as enhance existing procedures and controls.

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GDPR Individual Rights

Individual Rights Request Portal

Ensure you meet the individual rights requirements of GDPR with LogicGate's public request portal. Give your customers a central landing page to submit individual rights requests and use LogicGate's workflow engine to respond and take action.

  • Utilize pre-built landing pages for Personal Data Access Requests, Personal Data Correction Requests, Personal Data Erasure Requests, Personal Data Transfer Requests, and Processing Restriction Requests (Personal Data Processing Consent Withdrawal).
  • Automatically set internal due dates to match reporting period requirements
  • Visually build workflows for submitted requests to streamline the response process and customize to your organization’s methodology and needs.
  • Custom GDPR Workflow

    Third-Party Risk Management and Data Protection Impact Assessments

    Use LogicGate's Third-Party Risk Management module to centrally track third-party relationships, send assessments, and establish automated notifications to ensure deadlines are met.

  • Create custom risk scoring rules to automatically tier third-parties based on risk profile or service offering.
  • Build custom assessment forms in minutes with LogicGate's visual form builder. Send request forms externally to vendors without requiring them to be users in LogicGate – all we need is their email address.
  • Customize workflows to match your approval processes and integrate with existing procurement, contracting, and accounts payable processes.
  • Discover how LogicGate's software can help you manage GDPR requirements.

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    GDPR Data Inventories

    Build Powerful Data Inventories

    Use LogicGate's powerful graph database to track and maintain the complex hierarchies of personal data across your organization.

  • Categorize systems using your custom data classification scheme to easily identify systems that store or process personal data.
  • Build a holistic asset inventory that shows the relationships between your organization’s data, systems, system owners, policies, third-parties, etc.
  • Design approval workflows to ensure system owners review and understand their obligations to data privacy requirements.
  • Data Breach Response for GDPR

    Data Breach Response and Notifications

    Use LogicGate's breach response process to ensure any suspected data breach is immediately addressed.

  • Standardize your internal process for breach reviews in LogicGate and ensure the right people are involved in the investigation.
  • Set automated due date reminders to ensure breach notifications occur within the required 72 hour window.
  • Customize workflows to align with your organization’s internal review and approval processes.