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Data proliferation and new technologies are creating more types of data which are difficult to review and manage during e-discovery. Legal and regulatory requirements are now forcing organizations to produce emerging data sources such as audio, video, chat, SMS, social media, and application databases with increased regularity. Current ediscovery technologies are built to primarily handle documents and emails, but no cost effective means to review these emerging data sources currently exists.

As data volumes continue to grow and become more complex, legal matters are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Custom workflows and tracking spreadsheets are often implement to track team statuses and report progress, but even the best litigation support managers struggle. Implementing highly customizable tools that can support tailored case workflows, dashboarding, and team tracking and notifications are paramount to success in ediscovery.

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LogicGate Audio eDiscovery Solution

LogicGate | Workflow Automation

Automated transcriptions, keyword extraction, and redaction make the LogicGate Audio eDiscovery the most powerful audio review tool on the market today.

LogicGate Case Management Solution

LogicGate | Investigations and Case Management

LogicGate Investigation and Case Management is an end-to-end solution for tracking case status, performing internal investigations, and responding to investigatory requests from government authorities.