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Third-Party Risk: Driving Cross-Functional Alignment Across the Vendor Lifecycle

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Enterprise Risk Management Solution

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Assessing the Costs and Benefits of ERM: An Inquisition

GRC & Me Podcast: Jack Tanselle on “Pursuing Sustainable and Continually Improving Programs”

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Controls Mapping is Hot. It’s Also Difficult. – Webinar

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LogicGate’s 2020 Research Report – Enterprise Risk and the Modern Organization: A View from the Top

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G2 Spring 2020 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

GRC & Me Podcast: How Does a Risk Management Company Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic?

[Webinar] Powering Through a Pandemic: How to Create an Effective Response Plan in the Midst of a Crisis

Risk as A Team Sport: Taking a Cross Functional Approach to Risk Management

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Control Your Cyber Risk Posture – Tips From LogicGate’s Risk Wrangler

A Rock ‘N’ Roll Company Culture

LogicGate Origin Story

Agility 2020 – LogicGate’s Virtual User Summit

GRC & Me Podcast: Cyber Risk as a Business Risk

GRC & Me Podcast: How LogicGate Uses The LogicGate Risk Cloud

GRC & Me | Season 2, Episode 3: What is The Risk Cloud™?

G2 Summer 2020 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

GRC & Me Podcast: Transformative Risk Management

Top 4 Takeaways from Agility 2020

GRC & Me | Season 2, Episode 5: Agility 2020 Highlights

Proactive Risk Management: Transform Your Risk Strategy

GRC & Me Podcast | Season 2, Episode 6: A Conversation on Risk Language

GRC & Me | Season 2, Episode 7: Return to Work with Confidence (and avoid GRC Pitfalls)

[Webinar] Executive Tips to Modernize Your Compliance Program with ITGRC

GRC & Me Podcast | Season 2, Episode 8: Adapt to Change with Flexible Data Models

G2 Fall 2020 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

GRC & Me Podcast: Is GRC a Subset of Cybersecurity?

Automated Integrations for Third-Party Risk Management with ITGRC

Regulatory Compliance: Effectively Managing Your Regulatory Obligations Register

G2 Winter 2021 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

2020 Year in Review

[Live Demo] Third Party Risk Management: Breaking down silos between your procurement and info security teams

[Live Demo] Automate Your Regulatory Library, Get Granular with Obligations & Close Compliance Gaps with Risk Cloud

[Live Demo] Create Synergies Between Internal Audit and Risk Management Teams with LogicGate’s Risk Cloud

[Live Demo] Accelerate your IT Controls Management with LogicGate’s Power Mappings

GRC Today Episode 1: GRC Trends in 2021

GRC Today Episode 2: How Core Values Shape Company Culture

GRC Today Episode 3: Using Information Security to Build Trust

G2 Spring 2021 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

GRC Today Episode 4: “Health Days” vs “Sick Days”

Operational Resilience: The New Paradigm for Risk

Life Without a Modern GRC Solution

[Live Demo]: The Power of Reporting Insight & Data Visualization in LogicGate’s Risk Cloud

GRC & Today: Exploring Risk Cloud Exchange

GRC & Me Podcast: Exploring Risk Cloud Exchange | Season 3, Episode 1

6 Steps to Find the Right GRC Solution for Your Organization

GRC Today: Risk Renaissance

G2 Summer 2021 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

Roadblocks on the Path to Operational Resilience

[Video] Risk Cloud Documents

G2 Fall 2021 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

LogicGate Named a “Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave™

The Definitive Guide to Risk Quantification

Risk Quantification 101: Communicate Risk in Dollars and Cents

LogicGate Recognized in the Gartner® Market Guide for the Second Consecutive Year

[Live Demo]: Meaningful Integrations to Enhance your GRC Program

G2 Winter 2022 Grid Report for Top GRC Platforms

[Webinar] Strategies to Turn Risk Into an Opportunity for Business Growth

[Webinar] GRC 101: Aligning Compliance, Security, and Business Goals

2021: A (WILD) Year In Review

Fine-Tune Your Audit Process. Cancel Audit Stress.

How to Make Your Work Life Exponentially Easier With a Holistic GRC Program

Risk Cloud Named a Leader on the G2 Grid for Spring 2022

Risk & Reward: Women in GRC Roundtable

LogicGate Named a “Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave™

Risk Cloud Named Leader on the G2 Grid for 3 Consecutive Years

Teaming Up to Solve Third-Party Risk: How to Plan When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

[Webinar] Optimizing Controls to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

Five Board Questions That Security and Risk Leaders Must Be Prepared to Answer

Preparing For The Unknown: How Hyatt’s Cybersecurity Team (successfully) Navigated COVID-19

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Solution

Internal Audit Solution

Regulatory Compliance Solution

Panel Discussion: GRC Trends in Banking

How Risk Cloud’s Intuitive Interface Simplifies The Change Management Experience

Cyber Risk & Controls Compliance Solution

Risk Cloud Named Leader on the G2 Grid for 13 Consecutive Quarters

How Risk Cloud®️ Unites Privacy and Security Teams Using One Collaborative Platform

Risk Cloud® Platform Accessibility

Risk Cloud Exchange™

Risk Cloud Quantify™

Risk Cloud Documents™

Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022

Enriching Third-Party Risk Processes with Targeted Risk Intelligence

Streamlining GRC Controls to Optimize Cybersecurity

Connect, Optimize, and Scale Your Cyber Risk Management Program

14 Quarters at the Top: Risk Cloud Named a Leader on G2 for Winter 2023

Straight From a CISO: 4 Cyber Risk Priorities in 2023

The Root of the Compliance vs Security Paradox

Risk Cloud® Platform Overview

Fireside Chat: Risk Surface Management Strategies for 2023

KRIs for ERM: Developing Metrics for Managing Enterprise Risk

Shattering the Silicon Ceiling: Celebrating Women in Cyber Risk

Managing Risk in Turbulent Times: Fireside Chat with SAP

15 Quarters at the Top: Risk Cloud Named a Leader on G2 for Spring 2023


What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Automate Your Business Processes or Be Left in the Dust

Stop Using Excel to Run Your Business and Build Your Own Apps

Is Your Organization Following a Process Driven Approach to GRC?

Third-Party Vendor Risk Costs PG&E $2.7 Million

5 Practical Steps to Scale Your Vendor Risk Management Program

7 Things to Know about the NIST CSF Update

8 Steps Every Company Needs to Know for Success in Regulatory Change Management

A Guide to the Code of Federal Regulations, or How to Make Sense of 175k+ Pages of Text

A Proactive Approach to Enterprise Risk Management

Creating a Culture of Risk Throughout the Organization

Designing an Effective Process to Track Employee Policy Attestations and Certifications

Drive Employee Engagement in GRC with a Great User Interface

Enterprise Risk Management Requirements of ORSA

Enterprise Risk Management Should Focus More on the Process

First Step to Managing Information Security: Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

GDPR Basics: What you Need to Know to Ensure Compliance

GDPR Industry Focus: How Does GDPR Impact the Tech Industry

GDPR Industry Focus: How does the GDPR Impact Financial Services?

GDPR Industry Focus: Impact of GDPR on Healthcare, Pharma, and PHI

Hitting the Reset Button on ERM: How to Define ERM for Your Organization

How an Integrated Risk Management Program Could Have Prevented it All for Wells Fargo

How to Determine Risk Scores: Internal vs. External Risks

Identifying Gaps in Your Information Security Risk Assessments

Ignoring Enterprise Risk Management Can Result in Damaging Losses

It’s Time to Move Beyond the Spreadsheet for Vendor Risk Management

LogicGate Helps You Meet OIG’s 7 Key Elements of Compliance

Personal Liability for CCOs: How to Negotiate the Growing Concern

Study: Ease of Use the Top Factor for Purchasing GRC Solutions

The Power of a Graph Database

Top 5 Issues Companies Should Consider When Utilizing Big Data

Transform Your Incident Response Plan from a Static Policy Document to an Interactive Process

Watch LogicGate at Technori!

What are the PCI DSS Requirements?

Why Compliance Controls Should be Embedded into Your Business Processes

How Should GRC Professionals Approach Natural Disaster Risk Management?

The State of GRC in 2019: Seven Predictions for the Year Ahead

LogicGate is One of Built In Chicago’s 50 Startups to Watch

The California Consumer Privacy Act Arrives in January 2020. What Can We Expect?

GRC 101: What is Risk Management?

GRC 101: What is Governance?

GRC 101: What is Compliance?

What are the Top Cybersecurity Threats Companies Face in 2019?

Risk Management as Revenue Driver: An Adaptive Approach

Recapping the 2019 RSA Conference

Business Continuity Planning, or: Managing Tomorrow’s Surprises Today

Recapping the ABA Risk Management Conference

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Third Party Risk Webinar on May 9

Partner Spotlight: Agile GRC Solutions

The Rise of the Flexible Data Model

GRC 101: What is GRC ? Why is it Important?

GRC 101: What is Integrated Risk Management (IRM)?

Announcing Our New Podcast “GRC & Me”

When Compliance Doesn’t Stop with Your Company: Managing Third Parties

Simple Steps for Setting Up A Project Risk Register

GRC 101: What is Third Party Risk?

How Cybersecurity Relates to Risk Management

What is Vendor Risk Management and Why is it Important?

British Airways Slapped with Massive GDPR Fine

CCPA vs. GDPR: Different Letters, Same Spirit

Who is Responsible for Enterprise Risk Management?

How CEOs Should Think About Risk Management

GRC 101: What is ERM?

LogicGate is the Highest Rated GRC Software on the G2 Grid

How Much Should CFOs Spend on Risk Management?

LogicGate Honored as Finalist in 2019 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Security Awareness Month: Three Tips Security Teams Can Use to Improve Employee Engagement

Cyberattacks and Small Businesses: A Lethal Combination

Announcing LogicGate’s 2020 ERM Report

ERM Programs: Up to the Challenge?

Agile GRC, Part I: What Can Risk and Compliance Learn From Agile Software Development?

The CCPA is Here. Are You Ready?

What Does the Future Hold for GRC in 2020?

Checking in on GDPR

Agility 2020: A Letter From Our CEO

Business Continuity Plans and COVID-19: How to Prepare

COVID-19: LogicGate’s Commitment to our Customers, Partners, and Employees

Risk Management in Uncertain Times: Navigating an Economic Downturn

Announcing the LogicGate Power User Certification Program

Agility 2020, Virtual Edition: A Note From Our CEO

A Letter from Our CEO: Announcing Risk Cloud

GRC & Me: Season 2 Has Arrived

GRC 101: Controls Management

Playing My Role: A CMO’s Introduction to Risk Management

8 Questions to Help You Select the Best GRC Software for Your Company

What Customer Success Means at LogicGate

GRC’s Mission Hazards: How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong GRC Software

Recapping Agility 2020: Emerging Trends in GRC

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Ups and Downs of Work From Home

GRC Allows You to Play Offense: The Benefits of an Effective GRC Program

My LogicGate Internship

The Language of Risk

What is Operational Resilience?

The Top 5 InfoSec Professional Challenges

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 3 Ways to Improve Awareness at Your Organization

GRC 101: What is Cyber Risk?

Women In Tech: 5 Takeaways for Success

CMMC: Prepare for Compliance

Citibank and the Foundations of Robust Risk Management

How to Evaluate GRC Solution Integrations

Third-Party Risk Management: Opportunity or Threat?

Turn Risk into Rocket Fuel

Creating a Culture of Connection

Welcome to Risk Cloud’s New Home Screen

Risk Appetite vs Risk Tolerance: What is the Difference?

Giving Thanks at LogicGate

The Basics of SOC 2 Compliance

Emerging Trends: The Acceleration of Digital Risk

3 Key Metrics to Establish Your Risk Management Program’s Foundation

A Tale of Two Audits: LogicGate’s SOC 2 Journey

Looking Back on 2020

GRC Trends to Prepare for in 2021

Your GRC Resolution: Introducing Risk Cloud Exchange

Protect Your Organization with Improved Incident Response

5 Ways to Strengthen Operational Resilience in the Financial Services Sector

Adapt to Change with Flexible Data Models

The Business Case for Risk Quantification

The Unique Challenges of the Deskless Worker

Policies, Principles, and Policy Principles

7 Ways to Prepare for the Evolution of GDPR and Data Privacy

How to Avoid Policy Management Pitfalls

How AI Can Improve Regulatory Compliance

Responsible Security and Responsible Disclosure: Why a VDP Matters

Building Confidence in Risk Programs

Building Dynamic Risk Programs

Combating Ransomware with Holistic Vulnerability Management

The Expanding Responsibility for Risk

How Risk Cloud Exchange Can Help You Navigate the World of GRC

An Industry-Informed Approach to Risk

How to Achieve an Agile and Aligned GRC Program

Accelerate Your Compliance with RegTech

GRC 101: Inherent Risk

Using Resilience and Trust as a Strategic Advantage

5 Questions Every Risk Professional Should Be Able to Answer for Their Board

Enhancing your Approach to SOC 2 Compliance

It Is Time to Reimagine Risk

Analyzing the LogicGate 2021 Risk Management Survey

What is the Difference between SOC and SOX Compliance?

LogicGate Secures $113M Series C Funding Round

A Conversation on Risk Quantification

When Risk Becomes Everyone’s Responsibility

Driving Stakeholder Alignment in Vulnerability Management

How LogicGate Customers Leverage Integrations

Q&A with the LogicGate Product Team

GRC 101: Vulnerability Management

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud Named a Leader on G2 Fall 2021 Grid

How to Prepare for a SOC 2 Audit

How to Have a Successful GRC Solution Implementation

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud Breaks Into the Forrester Wave™ GRC “Strong Performers” Category!

Risk Reimagined: What It Means to Us at LogicGate

Reimagining Agility 2021: Pivoting Plans During a Pandemic

4 Key Benefits of Risk Quantification

Reimagining Risk Cloud

Cheers—To an Amazing and Successful Agility 2021!

Doing Our Part: LogicGate’s Bug Bounty Program

Celebrating LogicGate Customers at Agility 2021

Using Risk Quantification to Make Better Risk-Informed Decisions

Practical GRC: Where to Start When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Driving Business Value: Creating a Risk-Aware Culture in Your Organization

Putting $$$ to It: Can You Quantify Your Risk?

The FAIR Model: An Objective Approach to Risk Measurement

4 (Great) Reasons for Document Automation in GRC

Reduce Uncertainty Around Risk with Quantification

Our Employees Have Spoken: They Love Working at LogicGate

How to Structure a Successful Internal Audit Process

Webinar Highlights: Risk Quantification 101

Take The Guesswork Out of Your Threat Landscape Assessments

A Streamlined Vulnerability Management Program

London Calling to the Faraway Town

How to Effectively Communicate Risk Stories

You’ve Heard About the Apache Log4j Flaw, Now What?

What “Holistic GRC” Actually Means and Why it Matters

Top GRC Trends to Watch in 2022

GRC Trends in 2022: Resilience & Agility

Highlights: 2021 Year in Review

Getting Started With SOC 2

GRC Trends in 2022: Integrity & ESG

Top 9 GRC Podcasts to Better Your Risk, Compliance, and Security Knowledge

8 Ways to Improve Your Audits

GRC 101: What is SOX Compliance?

Key Risk Indicators Can Turn Risk Mitigation Concepts Into Action

Why Your Board Cares About Resiliency and Agility

5 Benefits of a Great Holistic GRC Platform

Meet the GRC Trailblazers of Our Women’s History Month Panel

Navigating Internal Audit Personalities and Challenges

What is Risk Quantification?

Vendor Risk Management Programs Demystified

What’s The Difference Between SOC 2 and ISO 27001?

Has the ‘Great Resignation’ Created the ‘Great Reflection’ for Organizations?

Opening Day for the LogicGate HQ Office

Go Big and Go Global! How Global Standards Can Benefit the GRC Community

Read All About It: LogicGate’s Risk Cloud a “Strong Performer” on The TPRM Forrester Wave™

Common RCSA Challenges and the Proactive Mindset and Platform to Fix Them

Don’t Miss LogicGate at the RSA Conference 2022

What is Third-Party Risk?

Quick Wins for Your GRC & InfoSec Journey

What is Vendor Risk Management and Why is it Important?

What is GRC?

Global Regulatory Compliance: Common Problems and Transformative Solutions

LogicGate Three-Peats as a Leader on the G2 GRC Platforms Grid

Cyber Insurance Rates are Climbing Like Crazy — Here’s How to Navigate

GRC & Chill: Kickstarting Your Risk Management with Quantification

What Every Organization Needs to Know About Third-Party Risk Management

LogicGate Founders Look Back on the Last 7 Years

How Equiniti used Risk Cloud to Create a Connected Risk Program

Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

Prices Are Rising. How to Prepare for Inflation Now & Later.

How Cryptocurrency Platform Luno Leverages Risk Cloud for Scalable Growth

Going Paperless & Improving GRC Processes

Planning Ahead In Times of Uncertainty

CMMC 2.0: What You Must Know for Compliance

What is Recession Risk? 3 Tips to Prepare

Elevate Your GRC Game at Agility 2022

In the Boardroom: How to Sell Your Need for GRC Tech

Why We Partner with Raise The Bar as Part of Our Investment in our People

Understanding Insider Risk and How To Prepare For It

LogicGate Team Gathers Together to Celebrate Growth and Accomplishments

Your SOC 2 Audit Checklist

What the UK’s Data Privacy Bill Means For You

5 Can’t-Miss Sessions at Agility 2022

7 Things You Need to Know About Recession Risk

Top GRC Trends in Banking You Need to Know

3 Ways to Quantify Cybersecurity Risk

Redefining Cyber Risk: A Holistic Perspective on Businesses’ Biggest Threat

Why Risk Management Platforms Fail at Scale, Death by Join in Legacy GRC!

3 Tips to Make Cybersecurity Training Stick with Employees

Meet in the Middle: Blending ERM & Infosec

8 Top Cybersecurity Threats to Prepare For in 2023

Agility 2022 Recap: A Look at LogicGate’s Milestones and Future Roadmap

GRC & Me: Enhancing Business Continuity Plans in Volatile Times

GRC & Me: Building and Maturing a GRC Program Aligned with Business Goals

6 Ways to Make GRC Work When Budget is Tight

GRC & Me: Building Preemptive Business Resilience by Focusing on Impact

Why Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platform Accessibility Matters

Settling the Cyber Risk Quantification Debate

GRC & Me: Building the Business Case for Getting the Right GRC Technology

Risk Management Lessons from FTX’s Collapse: Let’s Move Fast, But Not Break Things

4 Steps for Focusing on the Right Cyber Risks

4 Ways to Be Proactive About Recession Risk

Measurement as a Foundation for Communicating Risk

3 Steps for Communicating Cyber Risk

6 Tips for Creating a Solid GRC Tech Plan

The 5 Layers of a Mature GRC Program

How to Manage Your Cybersecurity Attack Surface With GRC Software

Developing a Common Risk Language to Break Down Organizational Silos

How to Take a Holistic Cyber Risk Culture From Grassroots to Maturity

How The Right GRC Program Can Help You Get Cyber Insurance

Seeing Double: How to Deal with Cloned Website Attacks | Once More Into The Breach

Where Do Risks Exist in Your Supply Chain?

LogicGate 2022 Recap: A Year of Growth, Innovation, and Partnership

Data on Demand: Positioning GRC as an Enabler with Integrated Data

Prepare for These 5 Cybersecurity Regulations in 2023

How to manage third-party cybersecurity risks that are too costly to ignore

3 Trends Changing Cybersecurity As We Know It

How To Tailor Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) To Your Organization’s Specific Threats

How To Prepare for The Evolving Landscape of Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance in Banking


LogicGate Announces Record Revenue Growth, Adds CFO and CRO to Executive Team

LogicGate Showcases Agile GRC Platform at 2019 RSA Conference

LogicGate Named Top GRC Software on G2’s Spring 2019 Grid Report

LogicGate Named 2019 Best Security Innovation in a SaaS Product by SaaS Awards

LogicGate Continues Partnership with Beyond Sports Foundation to Support Chicagoland Youth

Recognized as a Leader, LogicGate Sets the Pace on G2’s Fall Grid Report

LogicGate Expands Executive Leadership Team with CMO, Board Member

LogicGate Hosts CodeDay 2019

CEO Survey Page on Site

Series B

LogicGate #1 GRC Platform on G2

LogicGate is Honored in Built In Chicago’s Prestigious Best Places to Work List in 2020

LogicGate Debuts Integrations at 2020 RSA Conference

LogicGate Named a Winner in the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

LogicGate Named Winner of the Coveted InfoSec Awards during RSA Conference 2020

Crain’s Chicago Business Announces 2020 Best Places to Work in Chicago Finalists

LogicGate Named a Leader on G2’s Spring 2020 Grid Report

LogicGate Launches LogicGate Power User Certification Program

LogicGate Named ‘Best Compliance Technology Partner’ by Compliance Week

LogicGate Named to Global CyberTech100 List

The Risk Cloud Earns Trio of Accolades on G2 Summer Report

LogicGate Announces Agility 2020

LogicGate Enhances Third Party Risk Management and InfoSec Offerings With Three Additional Pre-Built Applications 

LogicGate Promotes Kevin Jacobson to Chief Operating Officer

LogicGate Recognized in 2020 Inno on Fire


LogicGate Expands Suite of Pre-Built Applications

LogicGate Named To The 2021 Global RegTech 100 List

LogicGate Secures $8.75 Million in Growth Capital, Total Funding Surpasses $40 Million

LogicGate Risk Cloud Claims Top Spot on Winter 2021 G2 Report

LogicGate Invests in Strategic Alliances Program to Accelerate Customer Value

LogicGate Significantly Expands Integrations Suite and Services

LogicGate Named a Winner for the 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Awards

LogicGate Named a Best Places to Work Finalist by Crain’s Chicago Business

LogicGate Named the Leader in G2’s Summer 2021 Grid, and a Finalist for Crain’s Best Places to Work in Chicago Among Other Notable Wins

LogicGate’s Second Annual User Conference Agility 2021

LogicGate Secures $113M Series C with the Aim to Empower Global Enterprises to Treat Risk as a Strategic Advantage

LogicGate Ranks No. 574 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

LogicGate® Receives Honorable Mention in 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools

LogicGate Risk Cloud Named a Leader on Fall 2021 G2 Report

LogicGate Named a “Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave™

LogicGate named the 2021 “Overall Risk Management Solution of the Year”.

LogicGate & Matt Kunkel named gold winner for Globee Awards, CEO of the Year in the Security Software Category

Chicago Tribune Names LogicGate a Winner of the Chicagoland Top Workplaces 2021 Award Two Years Running

LogicGate Named as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America According to the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud Named a Leader on Winter 2022 G2 Report

CUBE and LogicGate Partner for Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance Solution

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud® Named a Gold Winner by the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

LogicGate Announces Risk Cloud Quantify™, Enabling Platform Users With the Power of Risk Quantification

LogicGate Advances Audit Solution, Creating Ultimate Visibility for Holistic GRC

LogicGate Expands Executive Team to Support Strategic Growth

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud Named a Leader on G2 Spring 2022 Report

LogicGate Enhances Third-Party Cyber Risk Capabilities with Black Kite Integration

LogicGate Announces New Integration for Risk Cloud Users

LogicGate Adds Environmental, Social and Governance Solution to its Market-Leading GRC Platform

LogicGate Announces New Executive Hires to Power the Next Phase of Rapid Growth

LogicGate Recognized as a ‘Strong Performer’ Among Third-Party Risk Management Platforms

LogicGate Announces Third-Annual Customer Conference, Agility 2022

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud platform named a leader on the G2 Grid for 3 Consecutive Years

LogicGate Honored as Bronze Stevie Award Winner in 2022 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

LogicGate Makes the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America List

Crain’s Chicago Business Best Places to Work Names LogicGate as Finalist

LogicGate named a Leader on the Fall 2022 G2 Grid Report for 13th Consecutive Quarter

LogicGate Maps the Journey to Holistic GRC at Agility 2022

The Risk Cloud® Recognized with Prestigious Award Wins, Shortlists

Chicago Tribune Names LogicGate a Winner, for the Third Consecutive Year, of The Chicagoland Top Workplaces 2022 Award

LogicGate Enhances Risk Cloud® with Cyber Risk & Controls Compliance Solution

LogicGate Announces EMEA Expansion to Meet Growing Demand for Holistic GRC Solutions

LogicGate’s Risk Cloud Named a Leader on Winter 2023 G2 Report

LogicGate Hires Nicholas Kathmann as Chief Information Security Officer

2023 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Report

LogicGate Named Winner in the 19th Annual Globee® Cybersecurity Awards

LogicGate Risk Cloud Named a Leader on Spring 2023 G2 Report

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