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LogicGate Announces Record Revenue Growth, Adds CFO and CRO to Executive Teamarrow

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LogicGate Named Top GRC Software on G2’s Spring 2019 Grid Reportarrow

LogicGate Named 2019 Best Security Innovation in a SaaS Product by SaaS Awardsarrow

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LogicGate Debuts Integrations at 2020 RSA Conferencearrow

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LogicGate Named Winner of the Coveted InfoSec Awards during RSA Conference 2020arrow

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What is Business Process Management (BPM)?arrow

Automate Your Business Processes or Be Left in the Dustarrow

Stop Using Excel to Run Your Business and Build Your Own Appsarrow

Is Your Organization Following a Process Driven Approach to GRC?arrow

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8 Steps Every Company Needs to Know for Success in Regulatory Change Managementarrow

A Guide to the Code of Federal Regulations, or How to Make Sense of 175k+ Pages of Textarrow

A Proactive Approach to Enterprise Risk Managementarrow

Creating a Culture of Risk Throughout the Organizationarrow

Designing an Effective Process to Track Employee Policy Attestations and Certificationsarrow

Drive Employee Engagement in GRC with a Great User Interfacearrow

Enterprise Risk Management Requirements of ORSAarrow

Enterprise Risk Management Should Focus More on the Processarrow

First Step to Managing Information Security: Threat and Vulnerability Assessmentsarrow

GDPR Basics: What you Need to Know to Ensure Compliancearrow

GDPR Industry Focus: How Does GDPR Impact the Tech Industryarrow

GDPR Industry Focus: How does the GDPR Impact Financial Services?arrow

GDPR Industry Focus: Impact of GDPR on Healthcare, Pharma, and PHIarrow

Hitting the Reset Button on ERM: How to Define ERM for Your Organizationarrow

How Much Can Data Breaches Cost US Companies?arrow

How an Integrated Risk Management Program Could Have Prevented it All for Wells Fargoarrow

How to Determine Risk Scores: Internal vs. External Risksarrow

Identifying Gaps in Your Information Security Risk Assessmentsarrow

Ignoring Enterprise Risk Management Can Result in Damaging Lossesarrow

It’s Time to Move Beyond the Spreadsheet for Vendor Risk Managementarrow

LogicGate Helps You Meet OIG’s 7 Key Elements of Compliancearrow

Personal Liability for CCOs: How to Negotiate the Growing Concernarrow

Study: Ease of Use the Top Factor for Purchasing GRC Solutionsarrow

The Power of a Graph Databasearrow

Top 5 Issues Companies Should Consider When Utilizing Big Dataarrow

Transform Your Incident Response Plan from a Static Policy Document to an Interactive Processarrow

Watch LogicGate at Technori!arrow

What are the PCI DSS Requirements?arrow

Why Compliance Controls Should be Embedded into Your Business Processesarrow

How Should GRC Professionals Approach Natural Disaster Risk Management?arrow

Assessing the Marriott Data Breach—and Its Botched Responsearrow

The State of GRC in 2019: Seven Predictions for the Year Aheadarrow

Join Us for a Data Breach Response Webinar on January 17arrow

Preparing for a Data Breach: 6 Steps Your Company Can Take Todayarrow

LogicGate is One of Built In Chicago’s 50 Startups to Watcharrow

The California Consumer Privacy Act Arrives in January 2020. What Can We Expect?arrow

Recapping the ITGRC Webinar “Critical Actions to Survive a Data Breach in 2019 and Beyond”arrow

GRC 101: What is Risk Management?arrow

GRC 101: What is Governance?arrow

GRC 101: What is Compliance?arrow

What are the Top Cybersecurity Threats Companies Face in 2019?arrow

Rush University Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of 45,000 Patientsarrow

Risk Management as Revenue Driver: An Adaptive Approacharrow

Recapping the 2019 RSA Conferencearrow

Business Continuity Planning, or: Managing Tomorrow’s Surprises Todayarrow

Recapping the ABA Risk Management Conferencearrow

Georgia Tech Data Breach Affects 1.3 Million Usersarrow

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Third Party Risk Webinar on May 9arrow

Partner Spotlight: Agile GRC Solutionsarrow

The Rise of the Flexible Data Modelarrow

GRC 101: What is GRC?arrow

GRC 101: What is Integrated Risk Management (IRM)?arrow

Announcing Our New Podcast “GRC & Me”arrow

The WhatsApp Security Breach: What You Need to Knowarrow

When Compliance Doesn’t Stop with Your Company: Managing Third Partiesarrow

Simple Steps for Setting Up A Project Risk Registerarrow

GRC 101: What is Third Party Risk?arrow

How Cybersecurity Relates to Risk Managementarrow

Partner Spotlight: Arrakisarrow

What is Vendor Risk Management and Why is it Important?arrow

British Airways Slapped with Massive GDPR Finearrow

CCPA vs. GDPR: Different Letters, Same Spiritarrow

Who is Responsible for Enterprise Risk Management?arrow

How CEOs Should Think About Risk Managementarrow

GRC 101: What is ERM?arrow

The Capital One Data Breach: What’s In Your Wallet May Hurt Youarrow

LogicGate is the Highest Rated GRC Software on the G2 Gridarrow

How Much Should CFOs Spend on Risk Management?arrow

LogicGate Honored as Finalist in 2019 Stevie Awards for Great Employersarrow

MoviePass Woes Now Include Data Breach (UPDATE: Did it Cause the Company’s Demise?)arrow

4.9 Million DoorDash Users Affected by Third-Party Data Breacharrow

Security Awareness Month: Three Tips Security Teams Can Use to Improve Employee Engagementarrow

Cyberattacks and Small Businesses: A Lethal Combinationarrow

Partner Spotlight: Satarlaarrow

Nightmare Before Thanksgiving: The Macy’s Data Breacharrow

Announcing LogicGate’s 2020 ERM Reportarrow

ERM Programs: Up to the Challenge?arrow

Agile GRC, Part I: What Can Risk and Compliance Learn From Agile Software Development?arrow

The CCPA is Here. Are You Ready?arrow

Data Breach Trendwatch: Cybersecurity Report Points to a Bleak 2020arrow

What Does the Future Hold for GRC in 2020?arrow

Agile GRC, Part II: Behind the Risearrow

Checking in on GDPRarrow

Agility 2020: A Letter From Our CEOarrow

Business Continuity Plans and COVID-19: How to Preparearrow

COVID-19: LogicGate’s Commitment to our Customers, Partners, and Employeesarrow

Risk Management in Uncertain Times: Navigating an Economic Downturnarrow


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Critical Actions to Survive a Data Breach in 2019 & Beyondarrow

Building a Cyber-Savvy Culture: A Guide to Unlocking the Power of IT Security as a Business Enablerarrow

GRC & Me, Episode 0: The Why Episodearrow

GRC & Me, Episode 1: Matt Kunkel on the Key Benefits of a Flexible Data Modelarrow

GRC & Me, Episode 2: Michael Rasmussen, the Father of GRCarrow

G2 Fall 2019 Grid Report for Top GRC Platformsarrow

LogicGate and Intradiem: Promoting Trustarrow

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Third-Party Risk: Driving Cross-Functional Alignment Across the Vendor Lifecyclearrow

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GRC & Me, Episode 3: All Things Implementation with LogicGate’s Szuyin Leowarrow

Automating Your Third-Party Risk Management Programarrow

Enterprise Risk Management Solution Overviewarrow

GRC & Me, Episode 4: Matt Kunkel – Starting LogicGatearrow

G2 Summer 2019 Grid Report for Top GRC Platformsarrow

GRC & Me, Episode 5: Terri Sands – Risk and Compliance in Financearrow

Why Customers Choose LogicGatearrow

Reporting with LogicGatearrow

Onboarding with LogicGatearrow

GRC & Me, Episode 6: Alexei Sidorenko – The Most Controversial Risk Thought Leaderarrow

Policy & Procedure Solution Overviewarrow

GRC & Me, Episode 7: Introducing Meganarrow

From Ad Hoc to Agile: Chart a Course for Enterprise Risk Management Maturity – Webinararrow

GRC & Me, Episode 8: Neil Watkins and the Concept of Defensibilityarrow

Audit and Controlsarrow

GRC & Me Ep 9: Donata Kalnenaite Talks CCPAarrow

Controls Management Solution Overviewarrow

GRC & Me Ep 10: Bryan Graf on Cybersecurity as a Positive Business Driverarrow

G2 Fall 2019 Grid Report for Top GRC Platformsarrow

GRC & Me, Episode 11: Rafael Moscatel on the “Olympics of Privacy”arrow

Team Select and LogicGate: Managing Changearrow

GRC & Me, Episode 12: Dominic Vogel on “The Journey of Cyber Security”arrow

Questions to Ask Your GRC Software Providerarrow

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of ERM: An Inquisitionarrow

GRC & Me, Episode 13: Jack Tanselle on “Pursuing Sustainable and Continually Improving Programs”arrow

Compliance Management Solution Overviewarrow

Controls Mapping is Hot. It’s Also Difficult. – Webinararrow

GRC & Me, Episode 14: Karry Kleeman on “The Value of SaaS in GRC”arrow

LogicGate’s 2020 Research Report – Enterprise Risk and the Modern Organization: A View from the Toparrow

GRC & Me, Episode 15: Emily Heath on Why The GRC World Needs An Overhaularrow

G2 Winter 2020 Grid Report for Top GRC Platformsarrow

True Blue: The Partnership Between LogicGate and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Cityarrow

LogicGate Product Featuresarrow

Webinar – Automating GRC To Increase Business Value with ITGRCarrow

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Incident Management Solution Overviewarrow

G2 Spring 2020 Grid Report for Top GRC Platformsarrow


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