The CIO's Guide to Enhancing GRC in 2024


When structured correctly, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) can enable enterprises to align IT and business goals, while mitigating risks and abiding by industry and government requirements.

Effectively manage your resources and unify your enterprise by utilizing emerging technology that drives data-driven decision making. In this webinar, LogicGate CISO, Nick Kathmann, and Dr. Pape Cissé, Chief Information Officer at AmeriCorps, reveal ways to make GRC easier and more automated to push your company to the next level.

Watch now to learn:

  • How GRC safeguards your business from penalties while increasing customer trust
  • How data privacy can impact disaster recovery and risk management
  • Several benefits of GRC implementation for organizations
  • Why GRC requires a unified and collaborative approach from different departments
  • How the future of AI governance will impact GRC

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