GRC & Me Podcast | Season 1, Episode 0: The Why Episode


What if you could hang out with GRC experts, ask them about their favorite methodologies, tools, and tips, and then use this knowledge to impact your own organization? That’s exactly what Kelley Spakowski is doing with the new podcast GRC & Me.

Just like the billion-dollar GRC industry it covers, GRC & Me helps companies achieve their revenue goals while managing risk and compliance issues with integrity.

This podcast is perfect for you if:

  • You’re in a role concerned with corporate governance, risk management, or compliance (GRC)
  • You want to protect your company and your brand, or…
  • You simply love GRC like Kelley does!

Tune in every month to learn from GRC experts and thought leaders, catch up on industry-shaping news, and better understand the decisions that drive results in your company.

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Episode Transcript

KELLY SPAKOWSKI Hi, I'm Kelly Spakowski and this is GRC and Me. This is our very first episode. So if you're tuning in, thank you and welcome. I'm glad you found me. Why am I starting a podcast? Well, I work in risk and compliance and I want to bring a voice to professionals in GRC. GRC stands for governance, risk, and compliance and encapsulates many different processes that help assure organizations reliably achieved objectives, addresses, uncertainty, and acts with integrity. This podcast is a safe space for knowledge share on pertinent topics, shaping this increasingly important responsibility and complicated endeavor. So if you're in a role that requires risk awareness, if you're concerned with mitigation, if you're a chief of something, if you have a GRC title. Maybe you love compliance, and I know there's folk that do, or maybe you simply just love your company and you want to protect its brand at all costs, tune in and please join me.

Avoiding risks tends to be a thankless job and only the big catastrophes get the headlines. But really it's the day to day mitigating work, the small corrections that avoid the iceberg. And that's what I want to discuss. I will be interviewing thought leaders in GRC discussing everything from hot topics, methodologies, frameworks, cultural nuances, you name it. I want to hear from you. My goal is to enable those in risk and compliance to be business enablers and an ally to revenue growth. With that mission in mind, we will look to share stories and lessons that rarely get discussed or celebrated in the goal of making an impact on your ability to drive change and also support a positive trajectory for not just your company, but your career. In my next episode, I'll be meeting with Matt Kunkel, CEO of Logic Gate. Definitely tune in and I can't wait to share. Thanks so much.

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