[Live Demo] Accelerate your IT Controls Management with LogicGate's Power Mappings

Executive Control Audit Dashboard

Speaker: Annmarie Rombalski,  Senior Solutions Engineer at LogicGate

Formally documented IT controls are more important than ever. Without them, compliance teams are overworked and scrambling to gather information for various audits, and technical resources are repeatedly interrupted for evidence and compliance requirement artifacts.

In this webinar, we will discuss the various levels in the journey to formalize policies and controls organizations may find themselves in, we will explore the differing needs from a Governance, Risk and Compliance tool as a result, and we will demonstrate how the LogicGate Risk Cloud can address those needs.

We will also: 

  • Outline pain points you face with levels of organizational maturity in IT Controls Management and where you may fall within this spectrum
  • Break down the silos between your departments with LogicGate’s power mappings that easily ties together your custom controls and map them across industry requirements, internal policies, risks, and more!
  • Reduce redundancy by executing one control evaluation that satisfies many frameworks
  • Real-time reports and dashboards for compliance coverage
  • Demonstrate tactics and strategies to move your organization to the next level and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT Controls Management program

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