[Video] IT Security Risk Management with Risk Cloud

Harness Insights to Stay a Step Ahead of Imminent IT Risks

Video Transcript:

With LogicGate’s IT Security Risk Management platform, you’ll pull all of your organization's cybersecurity processes into one dynamic system.

You can finally take your IT Risk program off of spreadsheets and email—and it won’t take long to do it. Avoid long, drawn-out implementations of outdated technology.No IT help or ongoing service costs required.

Our intuitive design gives you the power to link your controls to systems, risks, policies, and assessments—all within an easy-to-use application. 

With LogicGate, you can: 

  • Map controls to common industry frameworks, or build one out with content of your own. You can even map controls to one another, saving your team time and effort on compliance activities.
  • Use our visual workflow builder to design a repeatable process complete with date-triggered audits, notifications, and automated escalations
  • Create your own IT program hierarchy and data structures within seconds
  • With your own company metrics, create new charts and drag-and-drop it into a dashboard that you can act on immediately.
  • Create IT Risk Assessment forms with our drag-and-drop editor
  • Empower your end users to easily find their work and complete it
  • Start with a basic program today, with the knowledge that LogicGate can change and adapt with you, incorporating new requirements, technologies, and policies

It’s time to transform your cybersecurity risk program. Get LogicGate.