GRC & Me Podcast: A Conversation on Risk Language


Asureti co-founder and Practice Director, Melissa Ryan, has been fascinated with language for as long as she can remember — and she has the spelling bee record to prove it.

Since she’s worked with people across business operations, the multi-faceted data protection expert has seen firsthand how a common language can bridge gaps between departments, allowing for truly valuable and meaningful conversations.

That technical jargon flying across your teams? It actually pulls your organization further apart.

Melissa uses a risk rating matrix, for example, to better facilitate communications with clients. These tools — or points of reference like taxonomies — contribute immeasurable value when they are defined through a shared language and then used across the business.
“We find that leaders who are leveraging these common definitions, these standard rating, and translation tools, and incorporating them into a GRC technology are truly finding enhanced value,” explains Melissa.

Here’s the key: Make sure the underlying structure, calculations, and design of the common language of your tools and technology are consistent.

Ready to learn how to connect the dots between the teams in your risk organization?

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