GRC & Me Podcast: Exploring Risk Cloud Exchange | Season 3, Episode 1

Risk Cloud Exchange offers a central space with an expanding library of pre-built applications, regulations and integrations.

In this episode, Amrutha outlines how Risk Cloud Exchange can be used, as well as what led LogicGate to develop it. “What we wanted to create with the Risk Cloud Exchange was a central space where you could actually dive into the realm of what's possible using our technology,” she explains. On the content side, Emily describes how LogicGate incorporates stakeholder feedback to determine RCX content library priorities. One main goal is to offer resources and best practices that help customers stay ahead of industry trends. They discuss how customers can share feedback and make requests to help shape RCX content and technical functionality. Also covered: planned changes for RCX that will help customers visualize how a solution will work for them — before going live with it.


💻 Risk Cloud Exchange is a place where customers can independently discover and explore the content available to help and bolster GRC programs — regardless of maturity and knowledge level.

💻 Keeping up with the ever-changing needs of partners, customers and stakeholders is essential for a GRC program. RCX is constantly evolving based on stakeholder feedback. LogicGate analyzes feedback and feature requests to determine customer needs and the RCX content roadmap.

💻 Usability is key. It is critical that the RCX interface enables customers to actually find what they are looking for when they need it. Several things are already built into RCX to help customers find the most relevant solution for their use case, and there’s more on the horizon.

💻 “LogicGate is choosing to challenge the traditional GRC technology market by offering innovation and purpose-driven content, to allow its users to achieve positive business outcomes in regards to risk and governance, security, and compliance,” Megan notes.

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