GRC & Me, Episode 15: Emily Heath on Why The GRC World Needs An Overhaul

For our season finale, Megan welcomes Emily Heath, Chief Trust & Security Officer at DocuSign. Emily discusses exciting trends in the GRC space, why she believes the term “security” will be replaced by “trust,” and advice for women in tech who are seeking leadership roles.


Top 3 Quotes

  • “Trust really is ‘security, compliance, and privacy’—it's the three-legged stool.”
  • “The ‘compliance’ is a byproduct [of risk], ‘governance’ is the way you operate, but how you truly define ‘risk’ is where the focus is.”
  • “Sensitive data being pushed around an organization through e-mails and spreadsheets—that kind of model is not sustainable.”

Show Highlights

  • [01:43] From a detective in England to Chief Trust & Security Officer at DocuSign
  • [03:17] Duties and responsibilities of a Chief Trust Officer
  • [04:26] Evolution of GRC
  • [05:26] Exciting trends in GRC
  • [06:42] “Duct tape and bubble gum” concept is alarming
  • [07:30] What compelled Emily to join LogicGate’s Board of Directors?
  • [08:57] Advice for women in tech who are seeking leadership roles
  • [11:15] A little birdy told us...


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