GRC & Me Podcast: Return to Work with Confidence (and avoid GRC Pitfalls)


When the effects of COVID-19 began to tear across industries, GRC Technology Manager Priyam Shah didn’t hesitate to pivot PwC’s services to support their customers.

Because PwC resolves complex GRC issues across various industries, Priyam says its collaboration with LogicGate was natural to support the facilitation of the “return to work” program PwC created as a part of its pandemic response.

In this episode of GRC & Me with host Megan Phee, Priyam discusses how the PwC x LogicGate Risk Cloud™️ relationship helped organizations bring their workforce back to the office by providing the necessary controls and processes.

She also shares thoughts about what to consider as you discover the right tools and solutions for your programs as well as rising trends in the GRC landscape.

Then Megan and Priyam discuss common pitfalls faced by companies along with different points of the GRC journey.

When it comes to your governance structure, what do you think is preventing you from seeing the value you need? (Hint: Enabling all your programs at once!)

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